The 20 Best Peru Movies You Should Watch

The 20 Best Peru Movies You Should Watch. You should check out these Peru Movies. These Peru Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Peru Movies

1. Icaros: A Vision (2016)

Peru Movies

Director: Leonor Caraballo

After exhausting all medical options, an American woman embarks on a journey to the Peruvian Amazon in search of a miraculous cure. Upon arrival, she finds herself at a healing center where foreign psychonauts seek transcendence, companionship, and the secrets of life and death under the guidance of shamans.

Through the use of the ancient psychedelic plant, ayahuasca, her perceptions are forever altered, and she forms a deep connection with a young indigenous shaman who is experiencing a crisis of his own – he is losing his eyesight. Together, they embark on visionary journeys that lead them to a new understanding of their destinies. – Peru Movies

2. When Two Worlds Collide (2016)

Peru Movies

Director: Mathew Orzel

The film’s chronological narrative begins with former Peruvian President Alan Garcia’s 2007 invitation to foreign companies, particularly American, to invest in the country’s natural resources.

However, the majority of these resources, including steel, natural gas, and oil, were located in constitutionally protected lands belonging to native peoples who have inhabited the area for centuries.

Despite this, Garcia and his supporters passed legislation that auctioned off the rights to these lands without consulting the occupants. Understandably, the native peoples were outraged by this decision. – Peru Movies

3. October (2010)

Peru Movies

Director: Daniel Vega Vidal

Clemente, a reticent moneylender, emerges as a beacon of hope for his single neighbor, Sofía, who is deeply committed to the October veneration of Our Lord of the Miracles.

Their paths cross when a newborn baby, the product of Clemente’s liaison with a prostitute who has since vanished, enters the picture.

As Clemente endeavors to locate the infant’s mother, Sofía takes on the responsibility of caring for the child and tending to the moneylender’s abode. The arrival of these individuals in his life prompts Clemente to reevaluate his emotional connections with others. – Peru Movies

4. Ultra Warrior (1990)

Peru Movies

Directors: Augusto Tamayo San Román

Following the catastrophic nuclear holocaust, a single individual emerges from the ruins to assume the mantle of leadership over a disparate group of survivors. In short order, they realize that their most formidable obstacle lies ahead: a monumental struggle against the nefarious minions of The Bishop, a battle that will test their mettle and define their fate for generations to come. – Peru Movies

5. Condorito: The Movie (2017)

Peru Movies

Director: Eduardo Schuldt

In the city of Pelotillehue, Condorito and his companions emerged victorious in a soccer match against the Buenas Peras team. During a subsequent interview, Condorito engaged in flirtatious behavior with the reporters present, resulting in Yayita administering an electric shock to him.

She then departed with Pepe Cortisona to purchase a hot air balloon for her mother, Tremebunda’s, upcoming birthday celebration.

Meanwhile, Coné received a video call from Emperor Molosco, who expressed his desire to conquer the galaxy. Mistaking Molosco for a phone company representative, Condorito made a deal with him to abduct Doña Tremebunda in exchange for locating an amulet.

At Tremebunda’s 59th birthday party, her husband, Don Quasimodo, accidentally burned her cake and gifted her an electric razor. Later, Condorito presented Yayita with the same razor, which incited Tremebunda’s anger.

As they were interrupted by an extraterrestrial vessel, Condorito realized his mistake and informed Molosco that he did not intend for him to take Tremebunda. Molosco granted him 24 hours to locate the amulet, or else Tremebunda would not be returned. Yayita was displeased with Condorito’s actions and chose to separate from him. – Peru Movies

6. Fever Dream (2021)

Peru Movies

Director: Claudia Llosa

A young woman by the name of Amanda is experiencing discomfort, as a young adolescent named David persistently interrogates her, compelling her to disclose the veracity of her situation. It is noteworthy that Amanda is not David’s biological mother, nor is David her offspring.

Collaboratively, they will divulge a disconcerting and poignant narrative of shattered spirits, an intangible and ominous menace, and the delicate bonds that unite guardians and their progeny. – Peru Movies

7. Ainbo (2021)

Peru Movies

Director: Jose Zelada

In the face of a threat to the land of Ainbo’s tribe by an entrepreneur and his company, a 13-year-old girl is determined to preserve her way of life. With the aid of animal spirits Vaca and Dillo, she endeavors to reverse the damage inflicted upon her community. – Peru Movies

8. Eternity (2017)

Peru Movies

Director: Óscar Catacora

Willka Vicente Catacora and Phaxsi Rosa Nina, an elderly couple, steadfastly maintain their religious beliefs and cultural traditions. Following the departure of their sole offspring, they find themselves alone and neglected. Nevertheless, they remain optimistic and eagerly anticipate their son’s eventual return. – Peru Movies

9. Undertow (2009)

Peru Movies

Director: Javier Fuentes-León

Santiago tragically perishes at sea, and his spirit returns to implore Miguel to locate his remains and perform the customary burial rites of their village. After a diligent search, Miguel locates Santiago’s body in the water but chooses not to disclose his discovery to the ghost.

Meanwhile, the community stumbles upon nude portraits of Miguel at Santiago’s residence, sparking rumors of an illicit affair between the two. Mariela becomes privy to the gossip and confronts Miguel, who admits to the allegations.

In response, Mariela departs for her mother’s home with their infant child. Despite his efforts, Miguel is unable to locate Santiago’s body due to the strong currents. Eventually, Mariela returns home, and Santiago’s remains are unexpectedly discovered in the nets of a fishing vessel.

Miguel decides to honor Santiago’s wishes and performs a burial at sea, shrouding the body before releasing it into the waves. However, as the body descends, Santiago’s ghost reappears for a final farewell, tenderly caressing Miguel before vanishing into the ether. Miguel returns home alone, as the sun sets on the horizon. – Peru Movies

10. Dinero Gris (2022)

Peru Movies

Director: Eduardo Ramos Olivera

Héctor, a family man, becomes embroiled in the illicit activity of money laundering. He successfully persuades his niece, Sofía, to oversee a real estate company that includes funds derived from drug trafficking.

After two years, he endeavors to enlist the help of his stepson, Sebastián, in securing five individuals to serve as frontmen for a ten-story building project.

pressures of engaging in illegal activities and the persistent questioning of his wife, Roxana, lead Héctor to contemplate taking a hiatus from his association with the criminal underworld, unaware of the near impossibility of such a request.

Adding to his troubles, a policewoman arrives at his residence to serve him with a police notification and summons for his alleged involvement in money laundering and association with a criminal network. – Peru Movies


11. Captain Pantoja and the Special Services (1999)

Peru Movies

Director: Francisco José Lombardi

The Peruvian Army has appointed Captain Pantaleon Pantoja, a highly competent and disciplined officer, to establish a specialized service that caters to the sexual needs of soldiers stationed in remote jungle outposts.

Although initially reluctant to undertake this task, Captain Pantoja utilizes his exceptional organizational abilities to efficiently manage the unit.

However, his personal life becomes complicated as his wife expresses dissatisfaction with his extended working hours and the confidentiality surrounding his work. Additionally, despite being a devoted husband, Captain Pantoja finds himself tempted by one of his subordinates. – Peru Movies

12. Gods (2008)

Peru Movies

Director: Josué Méndez

Elisa, the fiancée of a wealthy industrialist who is twenty years her senior, is eager to leave behind her working-class background and embrace the opulence of her fiancé’s elite lifestyle.

However, she soon realizes that her aspirations of living a magazine-worthy life of domestic splendor must also include her future stepchildren, Diego and Andrea.

As she adjusts to her new life, Elisa faces challenges as her stepchildren rebel against their privileged upbringing and struggle to connect with the world outside of their luxurious family villa by the ocean.

In order to navigate her new role as stepmother, Elisa must learn the rules and expectations that come with her elevated status. – Peru Movies

13. The Entity (2015)

Peru Movies

Director: Eduardo Schuldt

A group of students have undertaken a study of “reaction videos” and have been led to an old film that has been hidden away in the archive room of a cemetery. It has come to their attention that anyone who has viewed the film has met an untimely demise under suspicious circumstances.

Upon viewing the footage, the students are confronted with the terrifying capabilities of a demonic spirit, which appears to be fulfilling an ancient curse that was placed upon a woman who was cruelly killed during the Spanish Inquisition.

As part of their final project, four film students have been investigating the disturbing phenomenon of “reaction videos”. During their research, they came across a fascinating recording and set out to locate the original footage.

Their quest takes them deep into a crypt located in the heart of the city cemetery, where they unwittingly unleash an ancient curse upon the world, resulting in a series of mysterious deaths. – Peru Movies

14. Magallanes (2015)

Peru Movies

Director: Salvador del Solar

Magallanes is an experienced soldier who faces the challenge of making ends meet by operating an unregulated taxi service in the impoverished areas of Lima.

His unwavering allegiance to his former commanding officers and their benevolent support has been instrumental in maintaining a semblance of equilibrium in his daily existence.

However, his life takes an unexpected turn when a woman from his past unwittingly reignites a long-forgotten passion within him during a ride in his cab. – Peru Movies

15. El Dorado (2010)

Peru Movies

Director: Terry Cunningham

Following the tragic demise of his companion in a detonation, Jack Wilder sets out on a quest to locate the coveted golden calendar. This endeavor propels him on an expedition brimming with excitement, as he endeavors to discover the fabled city of gold, El Dorado, situated in South America. – Peru Movies

16. The Best Families (2020)

Peru Movies

Director: Javier Fuentes-León

Luzmila and Peta, two siblings, have inherited their mother’s profession and currently serve as domestic workers for affluent households.

Their adeptness in attending to the needs of the señoras and their familiarity with the children’s personal affairs have earned them a near familial status within the households they serve, albeit not with all.

However, during a celebratory gathering of the families, long-held secrets are exposed, shattering the illusion of a tranquil and idyllic aristocratic existence permanently. – Peru Movies

17. Don’t Tell Anyone (1998)

Peru Movies

Director: Francisco José Lombardi

This narrative is purportedly the autobiography of Jaime Bailey, a Peruvian talk show host who identifies as gay. The story follows Joaquin, a young man from Lima’s upper echelons, as he navigates the complexities of his sexual identity.

Beginning in childhood, Joaquin grapples with these issues, facing additional pressure as a teenager from his macho and elitist father.

As he progresses through college, Joaquin becomes increasingly independent but also develops a penchant for marijuana use. Ultimately, he succumbs to cocaine addiction, both in Lima and Miami. – Peru Movies

18. Crime Zone (1988)

Peru Movies

Director: Luis Llosa

Helen and Bone reside in a futuristic dystopian society that is characterized by repression, and they are eager to break free from its shackles. They are approached by the enigmatic Jason, who commissions them to procure a disc on his behalf.

Although the task is fraught with danger and could potentially result in their demise, Jason assures them that he can facilitate their escape in exchange for their services.

In a world where crime has been eradicated in the aftermath of a nuclear catastrophe, two young rebels adopt the personas of Bonnie and Clyde and embark on a spree of criminal activity. – Peru Movies

19. The Illusionauts (2012)

Peru Movies

Director: Eduardo Schuldt

A team of twelve-year-old children has been tasked with a challenging mission to rectify the science fiction stories of Jean Visogneaux, France’s worst author in the genre. In order to accomplish this, they must utilize their individual skills and work collaboratively as a team.

Unforeseen events have caused chaos and destruction throughout France, as the characters from Jules Verne’s famous novels have been brought to life. The new French President and Minister of Culture have inadvertently corrupted the essence of Verne’s work through the use of a device known as “The Imaginasium” while attempting to re-release one of his novels.

To restore order, a team of four talented children has been dispatched to enter the stories and return the characters to their rightful place within the pages of Verne’s novels. Their success is crucial to saving France from further turmoil. – Peru Movies

20. Retablo (2017)

Peru Movies

Director: Alvaro Delgado Aparicio

In the remote highlands of Peru and the rugged terrain of the Andes, a young boy named Segundo, aged fourteen is preparing to follow in his father’s footsteps as a sculptor and learn the traditional art of box-making. This art form, which involves intricately depicting religious scenes and significant everyday events on wood, is becoming increasingly rare.

Despite his admiration for his father, Segundo is beginning to feel the weight of his family’s legacy on his shoulders. However, an accidental discovery of a long-hidden family secret will bring Segundo into contact with a deeply religious and tightly-knit community.

Through this experience, Segundo will confront the challenges of carrying on his family’s heritage, navigating the complexities of love and familial expectations, and accepting his parents for who they are. – Peru Movies