The 20 Best South African Animation Movies of All Time

The 20 Best South African Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these African Animation Movies. These African Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


African Animation Movies

1. Seal Team (2021)

Africa Animation Movies

Director: Greig Cameron

Quinn, a charming but determined seal, forms a SEAL TEAM to fight back against a gang of sharks taking over the neighborhood after his best friend is killed in a shark attack.

However, this friendly group of multinational seals is in no way prepared for such a mission. They enlist the aid of Claggart, a combatant who is considerably more skilled, but not even his stunts and flips can get these guys in condition.

However, our SEAL TEAM might be able to restore peace to their underwater society with a little initiative, intelligence, and love. – African Animation Movies

2. Jungle Beat: The Movie (2020)

African Animation Movies

Director: Zhang Sujuan

A homesick alien crashes his ship close to the vibrant African jungle. Before his Space-Conqueror father can conquer the Earth, his new animal companions must return him to his spacecraft and impart friendliness and fun-loving values to him.

A pleasant film for the whole family, Jungle Beat: The Movie is an epic adventure. The creatures of the forest awaken one morning to find that they can speak. When they discover the cause—an alien is in the jungle—they are even more astonished.

Little FNEEP is here to take over the world, and he’s brought some weird technology with him, like a translator that allows them to communicate for the first time. Fneep is a lousy conqueror: He’s homesick, he’s crashed his ship, and he’s no match for the antics of MUNKI, TRUNK, and the group.

This is unfortunate for the cosmic Scaldronian empire, but fortunate for the jungle. No amount of extraterrestrial domination will stand between our heroes and a good time or a new buddy. He discovers that friendship might be the universe’s most powerful force as the animals aid him in getting home. – African Animation Movies

3. Khumba (2013)

African Animation Movies

Director: Anthony Silverston

A zebra with partial stripes is born into a solitary, secluded herd that is devoted to stripes. Soon, the unusual foal was held responsible for the Great Karoo’s drought after rumors of his curse began to circulate.

The outcast zebra leaves the safety of his house knowing that he cannot survive in the herd without all of his stripes when even his father, the herd’s leader, accuses him of causing the lack of rain and the subsequent death of his mother.

Khumba ventures outside the fence, where she is exposed to the vicious Leopard, Phango, who rules the Great Karoo’s waterholes and terrorizes the animals. Unusual partners an ostrich and a wildebeest save Khumba from a savage wild dog. In contrast to other wildebeest, Mama V is a self-described free spirit who does not desire to be your typical stay-at-home mother.

Ironically, she raises Bradley, an ostrich that is flashy but insecure and compensates excessively for his scraggly feathers. The two join Khumba on his expedition in the hopes that their hunt for a secure waterhole is done when a mystical mantis draws a map of what may be taken as either water or stripes for the foal. – African Animation Movies

4. Headspace (2023)

African Animation Movies

Director: Gerhard Painter

Norman is a typical teenage lad who enjoys aliens and cares more than most about the destiny of our world. When three microscopic, peace-keeping aliens crash land into his iced tea, everything suddenly becomes very real.

To protect the world from the intergalactic bad guy Zolthard, who has also taken control of their principal, Ms. Witherington, and two other teachers, they enlist him and his buddies. Coulthard would do anything to send his army of droids into Earth’s atmosphere so they can conquer the giants there.

The action is all situated in and around the school in a single narrative, and the plot takes place in real time following a brief introduction to our characters. – African Animation Movies

5. The Lion of Judah (2011)

African Animation Movies

Director: Roger Hawkins

The week before Christ’s crucifixion, a brave lamb and his stable pals go on an expedition to try to stay away from the sacrifice altar. A charming pig, a frightened horse, a petty rat, a rambling rooster, a motherly cow, and a sad donkey all play a part in this heartwarming retelling of the Easter narrative.

This wonderful period drama, with its huge settings, takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster. This humorous journey follows the animals as they attempt to save their companion from death from the stable in Bethlehem through the great temple in Jerusalem and onto the hillside of Calvary.

The story flawlessly transitions from the biblical tales of Palm Sunday, Jesus turning the tables in the temple, Peter’s betrayal, and the crucifixion and resurrection to a suspenseful, heartbreaking finale. Judah, the lamb with a lion’s heart, sees it as a tale of bravery and faith.

For Jack, the disgruntled donkey, it turns into a crucial journey of optimism. It presents an opportunity for Horace, the dishonest pig, and Drake, the naive rooster, to act inappropriately and cause trouble. – African Animation Movies

6. Adventures in Zambezia (2012)

Africa Animation Movies

Director: Wayne Thornley

Kai and his father Tendai are two falcons who live alone. Kai wants to see the world and feels as though he has no friends. Tendai, though, won’t let him. When a stork appears one day, Kai allows them to stay. The stork informs Kai that they are traveling to the bird village of Zambeezia.

Additionally, he finds out about the Hurricanes, an organization that defends Zambezia. Later, some large birds appear and demand what the stork is holding. When Tendai appears, he repels them. One of them passes away. When Tendai spots the stork and requests that they depart, they comply.

Infuriated, Kai departs and joins them. Tendai attempts to adhere to them. When he runs into the birds he saw before, a lizard trying to attack Zambezia approaches them, and the birds want to fight Zambezia for not letting them in.

Tendai hears them, but she is apprehended. When Kai arrives in Zambezia, the leader is familiar with his father. Although Kai strives to be a Hurricane, he is quite impatient. – African Animation Movies

7. I Am Here (2021)

Director: Jordy Sank

A documentary that celebrates life and honors the extraordinary life of Ella Blumenthal. She shares her Holocaust survivor tale with close friends and family for the first time at her 98th birthday celebrations, something she has never done before.

Her memories are vividly portrayed in 2D animation, and they include tales of three concentration camps and a narrow escape from the gas chamber. Along with inspiring tales like Ella’s success in stopping her niece from taking her own life.

The animation is set against contemporary footage of Ella going about her weekly spiritual rites, exercising in the pool, and strolling along the promenade in Cape Town. She is not your typical grandmother; her vibrant nature and upbeat outlook on life are genuinely motivating.

A global lesson on resiliency, as Ella is the personification of survivalism. In a world that continues to identify itself by what is different, this movie could not be more timely. – African Animation Movies

8. Jock the Hero Dog (2011)

Africa Animation Movies

Director: Duncan MacNeillie

Pups live on a farm in a wooded area with a dog named Jock has a scar on his face. A jealous old guy disturbs the pups during a morning game of tug-of-war so that he might sell the farm and the puppies and take home the wheat bush field.

When Jock manifests as a squeaky voice instead of his bark, he overpowers the elderly guy. Later that evening, Jock leaves the farm in search of food. He is pursued by a wolf and a vulture, but Old Yellender saves him.

Old Yell says he previously had a huge Arlie, who adopted him when he is a baby but passed away from sickness, leaving him to fend for himself. The following morning, Jock runs into O’l Bonny, an elderly guy who also has a dog.

They attempt to drown him in a pail of water, but Jock is saved by an old yeller, who also gives him advice on how to survive on his own after the farmer dies. Later, when the puppies are left to be abandoned by the farmer, Jock is unable to locate the old yeller. – African Animation Movies

9. Bru & Boegie: The Movie (2019)

Africa Animation Movies

Director: Mike Scott

South Africa’s first full-length 2D animated film is created by Bru and Boogie to attract people to view their short videos online. When asked why no one is viewing their show online, Bru comes up with the notion to try something new. – African Animation Movies


10. Coco the Money Bunny (TV Movie)

Africa Animation Movies

Director: Karabo Likhethe

Coco is a witty, cunning, smart, and curious bunny. A sequence of adventures that follows Coco as she discovers the world of money.

Through this trip, Coco learns the importance of earning money, how to spend it wisely, how to save for a goal, why time is so crucial for investing, and—most importantly—how to spread joy and love by giving away her money. – African Animation Movies

11. Die Ongelooflike Avonture van Hanna Hoekom (2010)

Africa Animation Movies

Director: Regardt van den Bergh

A teen girl named Hanna and her unusual family will be introduced. Her stepfather Beyers is a seasoned actor and the father of Hanna’s half-brother Tibo. Her mother is a painter. Her father Gavin is a gay fashion designer.

Then, thanks to Beyers and his ex-wife Margot, there are 8-year-old Amos and 16-year-old Yann. Hanna invents fictional people that are a reflection of her alter ego and come from a completely different household than her own. The delayed honeymoon of Hanna’s mother and stepfather results in incidents, blunders, and opportunities for family bonding. – African Animation Movies

12. Troll Girl (2021)

Africa Animation Movies

Director: Kay Carmichael

A trollish youngster who was raised by a nun in a human town overcomes her own anxieties and those of the villagers in order to save her mother. – African Animation Movies

13. Inside Job (2015 TV Movie)

Africa Animation Movies

Director: Daniel Buckland

The struggle between the normal world, where Norman lives and works, and the interior of Norman’s body, which is like a huge machine populated with characters that perform different jobs, is described in the book Interior Job. – African Animation Movies

14. Body Defenders (2018)

Africa Animation Movies

Director: Patrick Garcia

A world in the not-too-distant future is wracked by war, fought for millennia by unidentified heroes and villains! An ongoing conflict inside your body from the beginning of life has finally come to a decisive conclusion. Stronger and more potent than ever, an evil force has emerged.

White blood cells, under the leadership of the hero Troy and his two allies Herc and Athena, have been chosen to defend the mighty Republic of the Human Body. Troy, who has never engaged in combat before, is forced to face his fears when Bacteria capture Athena and her goofball boyfriend Herc and wipes off his whole unit.

Bacteria secretly plans to march on Heart City and overthrow the Republic of the Human Body, which Troy is unaware of. Troy must face all of his worst fears before the DNA streams run out, even if it means dying. – African Animation Movies

15. Shaka Inkosi YamaKhosi (2022)

Africa Animation Movies

Director: Manzini Zungu

Manzini, a timid young boy, gets attacked by three bullies on the way home from school in an episode that nearly results in his death. Manzini admits wanting to drop out of school to his Gogo (grandmother). To inspire her grandson through the power of his ancestry, she responds by telling a moving story of resiliency about the maturation of a great warrior and king named Shaka Zulu. – African Animation Movies

16. The Snail and the Whale (2019)

Africa Animation Movies

Director: Daniel Snaddon

A group of sea snails resides on a smooth black rock by the docks, and one of them harbors a desire to travel to distant lands that her fellow rock-bound relatives comprehend.

A compassionate humpback whale shows up one moonlit night and offers to take her along on his journey after she posts an advertisement for a “lift wanted around the world” using her snail trail.

Together, they travel through the world’s oceans, passing icebergs, volcanoes, sharks, and penguins, until the snail begins to feel extremely little compared to the size of the entire world. The two aquatic creatures pass through a variety of sites before the humpback whale swims into a bay one warm summer morning after becoming puzzled by the sound of several speedboats racing.

Africa Animation TV Series

17. Supa Team 4 (TV Series 2023)

Africa Animation TV Series

Director: Dave Osborne

A veteran secret agent enlists four adolescent girls who reside in a futuristic version of Lusaka, Zambia, to help save the planet. A retired secret agent who is still dedicated to rescuing the world—even if it means doing so on a tight budget—hires four teenage ladies from the future Zambian city of Lusaka in Africa. They change from a ragtag group of pals into Supa Team 4 as they go from schoolgirls doing their homework to covert superheroes battling supervillains.

18. Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire (TV Series 2023)

Africa Animation TV Series

Director: Shofela Coker

This sci-fi action-packed anthology features ten African future visions of bold new worlds filled with cutting-edge technology, aliens, spirits, and monsters.

This animated anthology brings together a new generation of animation superstars to transport you to the future of Africa in a wonderfully entertaining journey.

These action-packed science fiction and fantasy stories, which draw their inspiration from the continent’s varied histories and cultures, showcase bold visions of cutting-edge technology, aliens, spirits, and monsters created from exclusively African perspectives.

19. Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes (TV Series 2023)

Africa Animation TV Series

Director: Pierre-Alain Chartier

Kiya is a young African girl who loves dancing and martial arts and who as a result gains superhuman skills. When Kiya, also known as “Dance Ninja,” and her two closest friends, Jay, also known as “Flying Rockstar,” and Motsie, also known as “Tech Racer,” put on their Kimoja crystal-encrusted headbands, they transform into superheroes and can perform special moves based on their interests, such as Kiya’s pirouette POW. They form the superhero collective known as the Kimoja Heroes, eager to bring their neighborhood together.

20. Supa Strikas (TV Series 2008)

Africa Animation TV Series

Director: Greig Cameron

The best football team in the world. In a game where being the best is only the beginning and the opposition is always surprising, the players must adjust despite their immense talent.

Supa Strikas is a voyage through the world of football like you have never seen it before, packed with adventure, humor, and exhilarating football action.

Supa Strikas’ pursuit of Super League success takes them anywhere and anywhere you might imagine, from the frigid Himalayas to ancient Aztec ruins, stunning Brazilian beaches to the dark regions of space.

But they face a plethora of cunning, cunning, and simply weird foes, from an insane scientist to skydiving Alpine marines, who stand in their way.