The 20 Greatest Poland Animation Movies of All Time

Top 20 Greatest Poland Animation Movies of All Time. You should check out these Poland Animation Movies. These Poland Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Poland Animation Movies

1. The Congress (2013)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: Ari Folman

Their reputation for being erratic and unreliable coupled with her advanced age precludes Robin Wright from landing many roles. Aaron, her kid, has Usher syndrome, which is gradually impairing his sight and hearing.

Although her son’s health is approaching its last stage, Robin barely manages to fend off the worst consequences of his decline with the assistance of Dr. Barker.

Al, Robin’s longtime agent, introduces her to Jeff Green, CEO of Miramount Studios, who offers to purchase Robin’s likeness and turn her into an animated version of herself. With the advent of this new technology.

Robin realizes she might not be able to find employment in the future and agrees to do it for a sizable payment. She is compelled to swear off acting ever again. The company may develop films featuring her using purely computer-generated characters after having her physique digitally scanned. – Poland Animation Movies

2. Battle for Terra (2007)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: Aristomenis Tsirbas

Mala is a bright young woman who resides on the lovely planet Terra, which is a place that values tolerance and harmony. Unbeknownst to Mala and her fellow Terrians, the final Earthlings have depleted its resources as well as those of three other planets and are now looking for a new place to call home.

The use of a Terraformer will render Terra hospitable for humans but poisonous for Terrians, according to this Earthforce. Roven, Mala’s father, is taken hostage as the Earthlings aggressively invade Terra. Mala catches and conceals Jim, a human pilot who has crashed, to save her father.

The two develop a bond and a strategy that could help save the human race and the planet Terra as Mala heals Jim.

The Terraformer and the evil political forces that will do anything to gain power for the sake of power must be opposed if they are to secure peace, they quickly realize. Mala and her young friends’ excitement propels the movie despite Terra’s compelling message that peace is a matter of free will and choice. – Poland Animation Movies

3. Loving Vincent (2017)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: DK Welchman

Postman Joseph Roulin requests that his son Armand send Vincent van Gogh’s final letter to his brother Theo one year after the artist committed suicide. Only a few weeks prior, Van Gogh maintained in letters that his attitude was calm and normal, leading Roulin to suspect the death.

After grudgingly accepting, Armand departs for Paris. A Montmartre art dealer named Père Tanguy informs Armand that Theo passed away six months after Vincent. He advises Armand to go to Auvers-sur-Oise and search for Dr. Paul Gachet, who sheltered Van Gogh upon his discharge from an asylum, shared his love of art, and attended the funeral.

When Armand arrives, he discovers that the doctor is away on business. He thus stays at the same inn as Van Gogh did while he was a guest there. There he meets Van Gogh fan and temporary proprietress Adeline Ravoux, who was similarly shocked by the artist’s passing.

She suggests Armand go see the local boatman, who tells him that Van Gogh was good friends with Marguerite, the protected daughter of Dr. Gachet. Marguerite disputes Armand’s assertion that a dispute with her father might have contributed to Van Gogh’s suicidal thoughts when he pays a visit, and she becomes upset. – Poland Animation Movies

4. Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank (2022)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: Chris Bailey

Hank, a cute puppy with big aspirations of becoming a warrior, sets off to find his fate. A down-on-his-luck hound named Hank finds himself in a community of cats who are in need of a hero to protect them from a cunning villain’s plan to erase their hamlet off the face of the earth.

Our underdog must play the part of the town samurai and work with the people to save the day with the assistance of a reluctant teacher who will train him. The only issue is that cats despise dogs. – Poland Animation Movies

5. Extinct (2021)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: Raymond S. Persi

Op seeks to persuade the flumes at the Galapagos in 1835 about everything she has been through. She has learned that the island volcano that is about to engulf them poses a threat to everyone. When Op, Ed, and the others discover the real cause of the extinction of flumes, they are in for a surprise.

Our small flannel heroes must attempt to preserve their entire species by themselves, and all hope looks lost. A cute breed of fluffy animals known as “Flummels” is featured in the tale. After being transferred into the present, two flumes discover that their race has already gone extinct and that they must return to the past to try to preserve it. – Poland Animation Movies

6. The Peasants (2023)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: Dorota Kobiela

Kobiela adapts a Nobel Prize-winning book about a Polish peasant lady who causes chaos by marrying an older, wealthy guy using a team of hand-drawn animators and painters. – Poland Animation Movies

7. The Water Babies (1978)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: Lionel Jeffries

A 12-year-old kid finds a fascinating underwater world where little children are being held captive by an evil shark and an eel in this children’s fiction.

The protagonist of this tale is a 12-year-old boy who stumbles into a complicated underwater environment where young children are being held captive by a shark and an eel with evil intent.

However, he must first assist the Water Babies in leaving their confined lake and making their way to the open waters of the ocean before he can surface and clear his name. – Poland Animation Movies

8. Felix the Cat: The Movie (1988)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: Tibor Hernádi

Princess Oriana, the monarch of the land of Oriana, has learned that her terrible uncle, the Duke of Zill, is attacking the land via a local fortune teller named Pearl.

Oriana and Pearl enter the cave beneath the castle to fight the Duke, and there they attempt to utilize an antiquated tool called the “Dimensporter” to travel to another dimension and locate a hero to save the kingdom.

However, the Duke’s robotic army captures them and locks them up as he seizes power over the kingdom. A magical tear that the princess drops as she is being taken away by the Duke’s “Cylinder” robots enters the Dimensporter in her place and travels to Felix’s realm, where the titular cat is napping beneath a palm tree when the tear finds him.

The tear awakens him and leads him to the Dimensporter, which is hidden underneath an abandoned gold mine. Felix the Cat is quickly transported to the Kingdom of Oriana with the help of his magical toolkit. – Poland Animation Movies

9. Snow White: The Sequel (2007)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: Picha

After saving Snow White’s life with a kiss, Prince Charming was expected to spend a lifetime with her. However, the jealous ‘good’ fairy’s conclusion that she and the prince were destined to be is merely the first in a long line of perversions of other fairy tale characters’ conventional good nature.

The evil dwarfs abruptly transform into a ruthless loan shark gang that practices blackmail. Sleeping Beauty has evolved into a greedy, dishonest, and overly righteous Princess.

The situation of Cinderella involves more than just a “rags to riches” tale. To return to his charming, innocent, uncomplicated Snow White, the Prince must figure out how to handle all of these issues and more. – Poland Animation Movies

10. Hug Me. The Honey Seekers (2022)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: Anna Blaszczyk

The story of a bear cub and his father bear as they set out on a quest to locate the Golden Land, which is thought to contain an unending supply of honey, so they may bake a cake for the young child’s birthday.

On his birthday, the developing Bear wishes to embark on his first journey and visit the fabled Golden Land, but his father prefers lengthy, peaceful naps and cave baths.

Teddy will need to demonstrate his maturity in addition to persuading Daddy that the trip through the forest to the Golden Land might be enjoyable to realize his goal.

The Bears are led to the edge of the forest by odd hints left by bees, where they will finally face the ultimate mystery: the enigmatic and enigmatic world of people. – Poland Animation Movies


11. Even Mice Belong in Heaven (2021)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: Jan Bubeníček

A movie about two animals who were formerly bitter rivals but are now best friends in animal heaven: a small mouse and a fox. They stop acting naturally, and they end up being great buddies.

They are reborn into different positions, and their longing to remain together after they return to earth is granted. They are even able to overcome what seems to be impossible because of the strength of friendship. – Poland Animation Movies

12. Kill It and Leave This Town (2020)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: Mariusz Wilczynski

The story follows a hero who, after losing those he held most dear, flees from sadness and seeks refuge in a safe place of recollections, where time has stopped and everyone he holds dear is still alive.

The animation for the movie took fourteen years. Kill It and Leave This Town was initially planned to be a short film, but Wilczyski ultimately decided to make it his feature debut. – Poland Animation Movies

13. Moomins and the Winter Wonderland (2017)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: Jakub Wronski

The unusual nature of the winter in Moomin Valley prompts Moomintroll to forgo his customary winter nap in favor of remaining awake. In the darkness of midwinter, Moomintroll learns that weird creatures prowl among the snowdrifts, and all the fresh cues point to the impending arrival of a peculiar visitor.

As a result of this unexpected visitor, known as Christmas, a stunned Moomintroll comes to understand the actual significance of this joyous occasion. – Poland Animation Movies

14. The Flying Machine (2010)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: Geoff Lindsey

The animated movie “Magic Piano,” which is being performed live by renowned pianist Lang Lang, is the subject of the 3D live-action family movie “The Flying Machine,” which follows a stressed-out businesswoman named Georgie and her two children.

Georgie’s children are accidentally taken into the world of animation due to a mystical occurrence, and she is forced to go after them with a little assistance from Maestro Lang Lang. The stop-motion movie “Magic Piano” depicts the tale of Anna, a young girl whose father had to emigrate from Poland to work in London.

A broken piano that miraculously morphs into a flying machine and transports Anna and her cousin Chip Chip across Europe is discovered by Anna. The girl wants to see her missing father. – Poland Animation Movies

15. The Prodigies (2011)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: Antoine Charreyron

Jimbo Farrar, 10, is a talented youngster who experiences violence from his parents. In a fit of rage one day, Jimbo mistakenly utilizes his superhuman powers, killing his mother and driving his father to commit suicide.

Then Jimbo is admitted to a mental institution where Charles Killian, a wealthy businessman, takes Jimbo under his wing and helps him learn to handle his abilities.

Jimbo becomes a well-known researcher at the Killian Foundation for Gifted Children twenty years later. Jimbo ends when five unrelated adolescents hack his computer and find out about his plans. – Poland Animation Movies

16. Yarn (2016)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: Una Lorenzen

Yarn is becoming a more popular source of inspiration for artists. The incredible works are displayed here, along with the tales that inspired them.

Each stitch has a story to tell. International knitters and artists use a straightforward skein of yarn to produce their amazing concepts and narratives. – Poland Animation Movies

17. The Trip to Panama (2006)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: Martin Otevrel

Bear and Tiger decide to travel to Panama. They enjoy their lush greenhouse in their current location, but Panama must be even nicer. On their journey, they make a variety of other animal pals and eventually, with some assistance, they arrive at their destination.

The camaraderie between the two main characters is undoubtedly the movie’s focal point. When they fight and engage in a heated dispute, it is the only scenario that is moderately dramatic.

However, they quickly mend their ways in the subsequent scene, demonstrating how harmony is a strong theme in this movie. – Poland Animation Movies

18. Around the World with Bolek and Lolek (1977)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: Władysław Nehrebecki

An animated movie about Bolek and Lolek, two young boys who try to carry out the final wishes of Phileas Fogg, who stipulated that his inheritor must complete a round-the-world tour exactly like his own utilizing the modes of transportation that were common in the nineteenth century. A malicious character named Jeremiah seeks to thwart their plans as they travel throughout the globe. – Poland Animation Movies

19. Margo the Mouse (1985)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: Eugeniusz Kotowski

Margo is a small mouse who keeps to herself in a tree. She resides there. Although things flow smoothly in the tree, certain people are unwilling to make Margo’s life simple. Margo is a small mouse who keeps to herself in a tree. She lives there and cooks sleeps and plays the piano there.

She resides in the tree. Eliana, a squirrel who resides on the tree’s top floor, and Dennis, a dormouse who is on the tree’s lower floor, are Little Margo’s neighbors. Although things flow smoothly in the tree, certain people are unwilling to make Margo’s life simple.

The small mouse will encounter daily issues with cats, begging people, or owls. Margo will, however, pick up different lessons from each event about life, friendship, love, respect, and independence. Margo will experience many adventures with her companions. – Poland Animation Movies

20. Slavery Routes (2018)

Poland Animation Movies

Director: Daniel Cattier

This is the tale of a world whose borders and territories were established through the slave trade. a society where profit, violence, and oppression rule the day. The tale of a world whose borders and realms were established by a slave trade that resulted in the deportation, sale, and enslavement of nearly 20 million Africans. Profit, exploitation, and violence are encroaching on the world. – Poland Animation Movies