The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time. You should check out these Germany Animation Movies. These Germany Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Germany Animation

1. The Amazing Maurice (2022)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Director: Toby Genkel

Maurice is a street-smart cat with a cunning personality. He tours the countryside, defrauding locals with a fake rat plague, accompanied by his band of rats and pied-piper pal Keith. When the group focuses on a picturesque market town, everything appears to be going according to plan, but they soon realize that more sinister activity is underway. – Germany Animation

2. A Stork’s Journey (2017)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Director: Toby Genkel

Richard, a teenage sparrow who was reared by storks after being abandoned at birth, thinks he is one of them. However, as he is not a migratory bird and would not survive the trek to Africa, his stork family is compelled to reveal his actual nature and abandon him in the forest when the time to migrate there comes.

Richard sets out on his own for the South, determined to show that he is, in fact, a stork. But his sole hope of success and learning to accept himself as he is depends on Olga, an odd owl with an imaginary buddy, and Kiki, a narcissistic, disco-singing parakeet. – Germany Animation

3. Dragon Rider (2020)

Director: Tomer Eshed

A young silver dragon named Firedrake is tired of having to continuously hide in a forested valley. He desires to establish his legitimacy among the more established dragon generations. Firedrake covertly embarks on a perilous voyage with forest brownie Sorrel when humans are poised to destroy his family’s final haven. He’s searching for the enigmatic refuge of the dragons known as the “Rim of Heaven.”

Firedrake and Sorrel come across Ben, an orphan and stray who claims to be a dragon rider, while on their journey Ben and Firedrake immediately become friends, Sorrel is suspicious and constantly wants to get rid of the orphan. But the unlikely trio must learn to work together because Nettlebrand, an evil, dragon-eating creature that was created by an alchemist to locate and eradicate every dragon on Earth, is after them. – Germany Animation

4. The Seventh Brother (1991)

Director: Tibor Hernádi

Dr. Albert E. Owl, a “famous storyteller,” addresses the spectator as the story opens in a forest. He chooses to tell the story of Tiny the Puppy, the seventh brother, after observing that the spectator is lost in the wilderness. The doctor’s story starts the previous spring, when Tiny the Puppy, a small girl named Angie, and her grandpa are riding in a car after a fun trip to a huge city.

The grandfather goes outside to mend their car when it breaks down in the middle of a storm on the way home. Tiny is told to remain in the vehicle while Angie leaves the door open and walks outside to assist. Tiny chases a frog he sees outside but stumbles over a hill. He chooses to wait out the storm by spending the night in a small hollowed-out spot in a bush since he is inconsolable. – Germany Animation

5. Barnyard (2006)

Director: Steve Oedekerk

All the animals play, sing, and dance while the farmer is away. But eventually, someone has to take charge, and Otis, a carefree cow, ends up being the one to do it. – Germany Animation

6. Felidae (1994)

Director: Michael Schaack

Francis the cat becomes embroiled in a string of cat killings in the new neighborhood after his owner moves away. Along with other people, including the highly knowledgeable and elderly cat Claudandus, Francis attempts to solve the murder cases. – Germany Animation

7. Ooops! Noah Is Gone… (2015)

Director: Sean McCormack

Dave, a Nestrian who appears in the Genesis flood story, is a colorful, aardvark-like creature whose only apparent talents are building cozy nests and secreting a foul-smelling cloud of blue gas whenever he becomes upset. Finny, his kid, is extremely frustrated by Dave’s frequent traveling in quest of a place to stay, a permanent home, while Finny merely wants to make friends.

After hearing a rumor of a flood that is believed to blanket the whole world, Dave packs up again and leads Finny to the gathering of other animals where their only salvation awaits: an ark enormous enough to fit in all they ultimately succeed in sneaking onto the ark with the aid of Hazel and her daughter Leah, two Grymps that resemble panthers and who provide them with uninvited assistance.e animals of the world. – Germany Animation

8. Lauras Stern (2004)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Director: Piet De Rycker

Laura, a seven-year-old farm girl, recently relocated to a metropolis with her family. She sees a shooting star on her first night in their top-floor flat, but it falls to Earth; she later finds it in a park and learns it is a live thing.

She brings it home, where she and her young brother Tommy learn it can perform wonders like making people fly and reviving inanimate items. But as time goes on, they both begin to notice that the longer it stays on Earth, the weaker it gets. – Germany Animation

9. Asterix Conquers America (1994)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Director: Gerhard Hahn

When another legion is decimated by the damned single indomitable village in Gaul as a result of the druid’s magic potion, Caesar has had enough and decides to address the issue head-on before scheming senators take advantage of his humiliation. Sycophant Lucullus is given the order to capture the druid and push him over the edge of the earth. The druid and Obelix’s pet dog are accidentally caught in Lucullus’ first net, which leads the giant and Asterix to pursue them across the Atlantic and crash land on the North American coast in pursuit of the druid who was launched from the Roman galley before Lucullus triumphantly sets sail for Europe.

They discover the druid and come upon an Indian tribe, opening up a whole new world for the similarly agrarian Celts. At home, Caesar recognizes his opportunity to take over the village, but he must wait until the last magic potion has been consumed, hoping the heroes won’t come back. When the druid emerges as a potentially threatening adversary, the medicine man in America tends to have a poor impression of foreigners. – Germany Animation

10. Cat City (1986)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Director: Béla Ternovszky

The crime-syndicated Cats of planet X attempt to eradicate the Mouse population permanently in the year 80 AMM (After Mickey Mouse). Prof. Fushimishi, a mouse scientist, appears to have discovered the weapon to counter the danger, prompting Intermouse to call its most capable but recently retired agent, Nick Grabowsky, to obtain the blueprints. They send a second operative, Seargent Lazy Dick, on the mission as a diversion for the Cats. – Germany Animation

11. The Little Polar Bear 2: The Mysterious Island (2005)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Director: Piet De Rycker

Along with his companions Robby the seal and Caruso the penguin, Lars the young polar bear unintentionally makes his way to the Galapagos islands. They encounter a wide variety of odd and entertaining creatures in the tropical paradise, including birds, crabs, and turtles. But to stop scientists from capturing Lars and his enigmatic new acquaintance, he will need the assistance of all of his friends. – Germany Animation

12. Alois Nebel (2011)

Director: Tomáš Luňák

A mute visitor who appears out of nowhere encounters a railway dispatcher, who then unexplainably becomes entangled in a Polish murder. A humble train dispatcher who has spent his entire life in a small town on the Czech side of the Czech-Polish border has been plagued by disturbing dreams about what happened to his ethnic German babysitter at the end of World War II. The story takes place in 1989, at the end of the Communist era and just as the Berlin Wall was falling. – Germany Animation

13. The Three Robbers (2007)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Director: Hayo Freitag

Dominik uses his blunderbuss to intimidate coachmen and passengers, Felix uses his pepper blower to confuse and blind the horses, and the eldest brother Maximus damages and vandalizes the carriage wheels with his red battle axe. The three brothers are very successful in their endeavors as highwayman robbers. However, one day the robbers stop a carriage and discover a lonely child named Tiffany who has been sent to live with a cruel aunt who runs an orphanage because her parents passed away.

Tiffany deceives the robbers into thinking she is the daughter of a maharaja and is taken to their hideout because she doesn’t want to go to the orphanage. When the thieves want to send a letter demanding ransom, Tiffany teaches them how to read and write while making them consider what they plan to do with their loot. When they discovered Tiffany’s poster for a missing child, the robbers soon discover she lied to them. Tiffany regrets her actions and heads to the orphanage in shame. – Germany Animation

14. Aaron’s Magic Village (1995)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Director: Albert Hanan Kaminski

One of the cherubs unintentionally dropped all the stupidity on the small village of Chelm when God distributed wisdom and foolishness throughout the newly created universe. So the village is full of incredibly stupid people. Aaron, a young orphan, resides there with his amiable goat Zlateh and his uncle Shlemiel. Aaron and Zlateh must protect the community by themselves against an evil sorcerer and his monster. – Germany Animation

15. Another Day of Life (2018)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Director: Raúl de la Fuente

A compelling account of Ryszard Kapuscinski, a prominent Polish reporter, traveling across Angola for three months during a conflict where the front lines were constantly shifting like a kaleidoscope. – Germany Animation


16. Aladdin (1992)

Director: Masakazu Higuchi

The royal vizier of the Middle Eastern city of Agrabah, Jafar, is a vicious sorcerer who is searching for a lamp buried inside the Cave of Wonders. The cave’s gatekeeper informs him that only one person—”the diamond in the rough,” whom Jafar subsequently recognizes as a small street kid by the name of Aladdin—is fit to enter. Princess Jasmine, meanwhile, is concerned about having to wed a prince for legal reasons rather than out of love.

She sneaks out of the palace and is saved by Aladdin and his pet monkey Abu from an enraged merchant. Jafar instructs the palace guards to seize Aladdin while a link between Aladdin and Jasmine grows; during this time, Jasmine makes herself known. She confronts Jafar to demand that he release Aladdin, but he lies and says that Aladdin has been put to death. – Germany Animation

17. The Fearless Four (1997)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Director: Wolfgang Urchs

The well-known children’s story is of a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster who is headed to the slaughterhouse but manages to escape thanks to a fortuitous break. – Germany Animation

18. The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000)

Director: Des McAnuff

35 years after The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show was canceled, our two TV heroes have continued to support themselves through the money from their TV reruns. To make matters worse, Frostbite Falls’ trees have all been felled, and Rocky has lost his ability to fly. The Iron Curtain has fallen, forcing the villains to flee Pottsylvania and dig a tunnel to the television of a Hollywood producer named Minnie Mogul in Pottsylvania, home to Rocky and Bullwinkle’s fiercest foes Fearless Leader, Boris, and Natasha.

When she unintentionally pulls the three villains out of the television and transforms them into humans after signing a contract giving her the right to produce the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie! Now, they have a wicked scheme to use RBTV to mesmerize America, turning everyone’s minds to mush so he may go on TV and convince everyone to elect him president of the United States! Karen Sympathy, a rookie FBI agent, is tasked with finding Rocky and Bullwinkle, the only people who have ever been able to defeat the bad guys.

Rocky and Bullwinkle are dragged out of the TV world and into real life as 3D computer-generated figures using a green light lighthouse! It’s Rocky, Bullwinkle, and Karen on a hilarious, pun-filled, cameo-filled adventure to New York by plane, car, truck, hoof, flying squirrel, and yes, e-mail to stop Fearless Leader and save America with all of America being hypnotized, Fearless Leader’s evil speech coming in 48 hours, Boris and Natasha giving chase, planning to use a computer laser to send destroy moose and squirrel, and all of this happening while Fearless Leader is. – Germany Animation

19. Dilili in Paris (2018)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Director: Michel Ocelot

Little Kanak Dilili investigates enigmatic girl abductions in Belle Époque Paris while working with a young scooter deliveryman. She meets amazing people who provide her with hints. She identified very specific male masters and villains operating underground. The two buddies will vigorously contend for living together and leading active lives in the open. – Germany Animation

20. Babar: King of the Elephants (1999)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Director: Raymond Jafelice

A baby elephant named Babar lives in the vast forest. While they are out together, a hunter kills his mother, and the boy runs away to avoid suffering the same fate. He ultimately lands in a city and discovers the vast disparities between city life and life in the wild. He is generally considered an outsider, but an elderly woman takes him in, dresses him in fancy outfits, teaches him to write and count, and raises him in human civilization. Later in life, after believing he had also been killed by the hunter, his friends Celeste and Arthur happen to stray into the city and discover him.

Until additional elephants arrive to carry them back, Babar clothes them and pampers them with comforts from his world. The three elephants travel back to the vast forest in a car. Soon later, Arthur starts a fight with the nearby Rhino tribe, but Babar’s fast thinking leads to an end to the conflict. Following this, Babar and Celeste are crowned as king and queen. Babar intends to change elephant culture as a result of his human upbringing. He builds a city, dresses every elephant in human clothing, assigns each elephant a job, and creates a place for each elephant in the new society. But issues related to modern existence arise with human civilization. – Germany Animation

21. The Congress (2013)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Director: Ari Folman

An elderly, unemployed actress takes one last job, but the results of her choice have an unanticipated impact on her. – Germany Animation

22. Maya the Bee Movie (2014)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Director: Alexs Stadermann

Maya, a newly hatched bee, is a little whirlwind and disobeys the hive’s norms. The hornets that live beyond the meadow are not to be trusted, according to one of these regulations. The hornets are suspected of stealing the Royal Jelly, and Maya is believed to be one of them.

Only her friendly and closest buddy Willy will support her because no one else thinks she is the innocent victim. Maya and Willy quickly identify the real culprit after a lengthy and eventful journey to the hornets’ nest, and the two friends eventually form a link with the other inhabitants of the luxurious meadow. – Germany Animation

23. Friends Forever (2009)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Director: Tony Loeser

Johnny Mauser, a failing actor, and wanderer, needs a change of scenery after all the problems he has encountered in the city. Mullewapp, a tiny village with a cozy little farm, seems to be the ideal location to spend a quick stop. He quickly makes friends with Waldemar and Franz von Hahn. The three new buddies must manage their first adventure when the sheep Cloud vanishes out of nowhere. – Germany Animation

24. Felix All Around the World (2005)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Director: Giuseppe Lagana

With Sophie and her family, Felix spends his summer vacation in Norway. Felix becomes disoriented after rescuing them from a huge troll and needs to return home. In the course of his daring journeys, Felix encounters a variety of enchanted beings, like the amiable Loch Ness Monster and even the terrifying Dracula descendants in Transylvania, while being pursued and plagued by a tenacious Poltergeist and an astute owl. – Germany Animation

25. Little King Macius (2007)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Director: Sandor Jesse

Macius must take over as king when his father, King Stéphane, passed away unexpectedly. Macius initially doubts his ability to take the kingdom since he is alone in the world, a fragile figure who is just nine years old and wearing an ermine coat that is too big for him. Erasmus is also his sole companion. The general will have the ideal chance to try to take the Crown now. Passe-Partout, one of his special agents, removes Erasmus on his behaviour. – Germany Animation

26. The Last Unicorn (1982)

Directors: Jules Bass

A unicorn learns from a butterfly that speaks in riddles that she is the last of her species, with all the others having been chased away by Red Bull. The unicorn sets out to find out what the butterfly was saying. Schmendrick, a mediocre magician, and Molly Grue, a middle-aged woman who had dreamed of seeing a unicorn her entire life, eventually join her on her journey. Their route takes them far from home, all the way to King Haggard’s castle. – Germany Animation

27. The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer (2009)

Director: Eduardo Schuldt

When Jose falls in love with the wealthy Clemence and decides to turn his life around, tension arises between Tony and Jose, who are both best friends and minor criminals. – Germany Animation

28. Lascars (2009)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Directors: Emmanuel Klotz

When Jose falls in love with the wealthy Clemence and decides to turn his life around, tension arises between Tony and Jose, who are both best friends and minor criminals. – Germany Animation

29. Raven the Little Rascal (2012)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Directors: Sandor Jesse,

Little Raven enjoys eating spaghetti and is constantly planning mischief. Raven is frightened of getting into trouble – again – with Mrs. Badger, who looks after him and all the other animals in the forest, when he accidentally breaks the dam at the edge of the woods one day and the reservoir threatens to flood the woods. – Germany Animation

30. Momo (2001)

The 30 Best Germany Animation Movies off All Time

Director: Enzo D’Alò

Momo, an orphan, ends up in a town where she meets Beppo, an elderly man who adores her as his granddaughter, and Gigi, a young boy who falls in love with her right away. Momo also has other playmates, including a tortoise she encounters on the street named Cassiopea and Enzo, Bruno, Livia, and the young Chicco, who build a house in an old amphitheater.

The clever barber Osvaldo Fusi is among many who have been persuaded by the Gray Men, who have invaded the city, that they don’t have much time left to live. The Grey Men’s objective is to save everyone’s time in their unique “Bank of the Time,” which aids in their survival. – Germany Animation