The 30 Best Sri Lanka Movies of All Time

The 30 Best Sri Lanka Movies of All Time.


Sri Lanka Movies

1. The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck (1988)

Director: David Keith

Buck Malone, for instance, their traveling guidelines, will accompany Ken and Barbara on a safari through a Borneo jungle. A native tribe kidnaps the group and holds them captive.

While Barbara is being stripped and prepared for the chief by tribal women, Ken is let go so that the head of the tribe’s men can kill him.

The chief murders the woman after displaying Barbara Ken’s decapitated head. When Buck is granted liberty, he retrieves Barbara, the woman, and the two of them flee. –  Sri Lanka Movies

2. Super Six (2012)

Director: Udara Palliyaguruge

Super Six is based on a group of friends who live in a small apartment, have an unhealthy fascination with cricket, and have thought about participating in a six-a-side competition.

Although they put a lot of effort into protecting their team’s status as the best six-a-side team ever, issues arise because of everyone’s mischievous behavior. The narrative takes a surprising trajectory as Jude, the captain of the opposing team, joins. The major focus is the micropolitics and dreams of these rebellious young people. –  Sri Lanka Movies

3. Sri Siddhartha Gautama (2013)

Director: Saman Weeraman

Sri Lankan filmmakers produced a timeless epic movie on Prince Siddhartha, who later established Buddhism. Before everything came together in 2012, the movie went through multiple scripts, directors, actors, and other personnel changes. This film was produced in Sri Lanka, and both the locations and the cast were chosen there.

However, after great deliberation, Indian actors were chosen to play four of the main characters. The remaining actors are all Sri Lankan. The film “Sri Siddhartha Gautama” was the first in Sri Lanka to build two temporary sets for the picture. Additionally, it became distinctive for its costumes, which were made from material draped, wrapped, and tied in knots rather than stitched together.

There are many more noteworthy aspects of this movie, some of which are discussed on the site’s pages. This serves as a chronicle of the movie’s triumphs, setbacks, and other significant moments. Here, you may trace the development of this venerable piece of cinematic art. –  Sri Lanka Movies

4. Adaraneeya Prarthana (2022)

The 30 Best Sri Lanka Movies of All Time

Director: Wasawa Baduge

A furious Rahul compares acquired love and self-denying affection in the introductory monologue. Just over a year after her mother’s passing, Parami, an unassuming orphan, decides to relocate to Colombo with her close relatives, Mr. Seneviratne and his family.

Rahul, Mr. Seneviratne’s youngest son, comes to Sri Lanka from Australia at this time. Having not seen Parami in a while, he is immediately drawn to her. Parami asks Rahul if he remembers the drawing he made of her when they were children while the family is at a painting exhibition; Rahul, unaware that Parami still treasures the drawing, thinks it has long since vanishedRahul explains his desire to build a food establishment at an identical time, and Parami agrees with him.

However, Menaka, who is his fiancée, mocks the plan since she believes it will lower their social standing. However, Rahul asserts that he does not wish to live to impress others, causing conflict in their relationship. Rahul then considers whether or not to wed Menaka, while his father insists because he had previously pledged to wed Menaka’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gajanayake, which frustrates Rahul. –  Sri Lanka Movies

5. Maharaja Gemunu (2015)

Director: Jayantha Chandrasiri

King Dutugamunu of Sri Lanka, also known as Dutthagamani and Gamani Abhaya, ruled from 161 BC up until 137 BC. Elara, the usurping Tamil ruler from the Chola Kingdom, had invaded the Rajarata Kingdom in 205 Ad.

He is famed for confronting and overthrowing Elara. In addition, Dutugamunu enhanced Anuradhapura and spread the impacts of his home Rajarata region throughout the country of Sri Lanka. –  Sri Lanka Movies

6. A Common Man (2013)

Director: Chandran Rutnam

The motion picture opens in a room filled with tools for building bombs and news stories on LTTE bombings in Sri Lanka. The scene then shifts to a regular Colombo morning. Five explosives are detonated through “The Man” throughout the city: one each at the Katukurunda Airfield, Polgoda Police Station, shopping mall, and interstate train. The man then sets up his little command center atop a building in Dehiwala and calls the police commander Morris Da Silva (Ben Cross) to warn him that the bombs will go explode if four prisoners are not discharged. –  Sri Lanka Movies

7. According to Mathew (2018)

The 30 Best Sri Lanka Movies of All Time

Director: Chandran Rutnam

The tale of Father Matthew Peries, a powerful, well-known, and highly respected Protestant priest of St. Paul’s Church in Colombo who was also highly sought-after as an exorcist.

In the last months of the 1970s, Father Peries and his mistress plotted to poison his wife and the mistress’s husband with insulin to kill them. Because of his reputation in the neighborhood, he managed to avoid being caught and continued to carry out his evil deeds with no hesitation. –  Sri Lanka Movies

8. Yaaluwoda? Yaaluida? (2023)

Director: Dilshara Jayamanna

The best friends Steffi and Mithun come up with an extraordinary scheme to have Minella, the idol of Steffi’s, wear a particular outfit that Steffi, a design student and YouTuber, created.

Will their longstanding friendship be destroyed by the thrills and spills they experienced along their voyage? If not, will it develop into something else? –  Sri Lanka Movies

9. Underpants Thief (2018)

Director: Somaratne Dissanayake

The main protagonist of the written work is Sam, a man with an uncommon mental illness who steals and hoards the underwear of women.

Nayani, the wife of his brother, faces persecution for acting in a way that would make her husband’s younger brother feel physically assaulted. She accommodates it, though, and chooses to help him change. –  Sri Lanka Movies

10. Children of the Sun (2019)

Director: Prasanna Vithanage

The story revolves around the humanistic struggle of a low-caste boy to fall in love with a Sinhalese girl and the politics that surround it, which involves caste discrimination, power-hungry aristocratic politics, the sad fate of women, the British invasion of Ceylon in 1815 through false treaties, and traditional opposes and discord server between the Sinhalese portrait in the background. –  Sri Lanka Movies

11. Pravegaya (2015)

The 30 Best Sri Lanka Movies of All Time

Director: Donald Jayantha

Hemal is a cheerful, family-oriented middle-class man who enjoys playing carrom with his pals Janith and Kumar on the streets. He frequently has small disagreements with his father, and he engages in a fruitless affair with a mysterious female he encounters at a bus stop.

Hemal concerns his father’s commitment to providing for them after he is apprehended in the act of stealing money from him to buy alcohol with his pals. Hemal’s furious father advises him to make something of his life and gives him some of the money he’s saved. Hemal about it gets unemployment and instead bought a TVS Apache motorcycle. After the bike ultimately saves his life in a bizarre accident, he gets lost and is forced to search for his bike for all time. He explains to his family that he drove his bike to a dealer for service when they inquired about it. –  Sri Lanka Movies

12. Igillena Maluwo (2011)

The 30 Best Sri Lanka Movies of All Time

Director: Sanjeewa Pushpakumara

In a Sri Lankan community that has been going through a period of civil conflict, three young people go through harrowing emotional experiences against the backdrop of fighting, sexual disappointment, and governmental corruption. –  Sri Lanka Movies

13. Machan (2008)

Director: Uberto Pasolini

A chance to go to a volleyball tourney in Germany’s Bavaria state appears to be the answer to a group of desperate slum dwellers’ prayers, providing them with a one-way ticket to the West and the money to end all of their troubles. They are living on the outskirts of society under insurmountable requirements. –  Sri Lanka Movies

14. The Singing Pond (2014)

The 30 Best Sri Lanka Movies of All Time

Director: Indika Ferdinando

One day, Uma, a brand-new teacher, shows up at a primary school in a small, isolated Sri Lankan community. Uma teaches her young students to dream big and not be scared to achieve them. Little blind Upuli tells her companions about her lucid dream one morning.

In the eyes of everyone in the village, not just the young children, it becomes an unseen dream. The innocence of youth and the challenging realities of village life are utilized to illustrate both the challenges that the children and Uma face in their quest to realize their ideal, as well as their resolve to succeed. This one fantasy sparks a small revolution that agitates the slumbering neighborhood in a way it has never been agitated before. –  Sri Lanka Movies

15. Thattu Deke Iskole (2021)

The 30 Best Sri Lanka Movies of All Time

Director: Lalith Rohitha Edirisinghe

Due to the current malaria pandemic, all of the professionals attending Sooriyapaluwa primary academy deserted. Uncle Pala, the school’s assistant, continued to instruct the pupils unconventionally. –  Sri Lanka Movies


16. Bhagwan Bharose (2023)

Director: Shiladitya Bora

A tale of two impressionable young people whose notions about faith are frequently tested and altered as their small world grows and encompasses their nation’s rapidly shifting socio-political backdrop. –  Sri Lanka Movies

17. Gajaman (2023)

Director: Chanaka Perera

Magodisthuma, a local elected official, has a henchman named Gajaman. When Magodisthuma requests that Gajaman pick up his daughter and her friend from the airport, Gajaman’s life is completely flipped upside down.

The issue with this is that as quickly as Gajaman sees Magodisthuma’s daughter, he falls in love. When Magodisthuma learns about this, he is incensed. With the backing of his friend Amdan, exiled Gajaman asks for ways of getting himself back into his village. Gajaman and Magodisthuma, two iconic Sri Lankan characters developed by Camillus Perera from newspaper cartoons in the 1960s, are the primary characters of the film. –  Sri Lanka Movies

18. Thaala (2019)

Sri Lanka

Director: Palitha Perera

A young teacher named Asela lands at the Hatagala Elementary School, which is located in an insignificant town in the countryside. He uses engaging teaching techniques to quickly bring about a new educational awakening in the school.

As everything starts to get better, Asela and his students are going through an unexpected and challenging experience. Who can assist the pupils of Hatangala Primary School, who are facing a crisis, in accomplishing their dreams? Will they still be fighting? The tale of this peculiar dream gets told in the Thaala movie. –  Sri Lanka Movies

19. Aloko Udapadi (2017)

Sri Lanka

Directors: Chathra Weeraman,

The epic film “Aloko Udapadi” highlights the unwavering human fight to preserve a special spiritual heritage. King Walagamba of the Sinhala kingdom had to relinquish his throne in 89 BC after experiencing plague by forces that were within and outside the country that were interested in gaining control. The region was plagued by a severe drought and followed by famine for 12 straight years.

The extreme conditions made it impossible for Buddhist monks to survive while transmitting Lord Buddha’s teachings orally. Both the enemy and the hunger worried the monks. During these challenging moments, faithful subjects stood off their King. For wealth and power, enemy leaders murdered one another. Well-armed, the King dealt a fatal blow, reclaimed control, and regained the natives’ lost freedom.

The monks who took on the assignment did it in tranquility and wrote and recorded the oral tradition. The compassionate teachings of the Buddha evolved into a fundamental component of our culture as a whole. It is the tale of how an impoverished nation banded together to endure some of its most challenging situations. –  Sri Lanka Movies

20. Sangili (2019)

Sri Lanka

Director: Lalith Pannipitiya

Sangili stays in a lovely area with her aunt and uncle, and their daughter. Her aunt doesn’t treat her with warmth or love, therefore she spends her days doing everything possible for her.

Both Sunimala, an adjacent Kasippu dealer, and her uncle Rathy grow fond of her. As a result of Rathy’s poisoning of Sunimala, Sangili becomes pregnant at the hands of her uncle. –  Sri Lanka Movies

21. Randiya Dahara (2004)

Director: Udayakantha Warnasuriya

Amali, who was born into a middle-class household, intends to work abroad. She dresses as the widow of a soldier who is thought to have been killed in combat to get a job with the employment agency.

She acquires the required documentation after going through numerous dangerous situations. Learning that the missing-in-action soldier is actually still alive puts Amali in a fresh set of not anticipated scenarios that endanger her life. –  Sri Lanka Movies

22. Maya 3D (2016)

Director: Donald Jayantha

25-year-old Malan, who is without a job, spends his days practicing cricket without pals. After nightfall, he retires to the shelter of his house due to an unreasonable dread of ghosts. His dread is so intense that he chooses to spend the night with his widowed mother Geetha and have her go with him to the bathroom and eat.

The entire family, including Malan’s brother Gamini and sister-in-law Nirmala, is greatly irritated by this. Malan encounters Shaini one night and flirts with her to pique her interest while keeping his attraction to herself. Malan and Shaini were both captivated by a different nation and Shaini started to flirt with him as well. Imran and his pals are occasionally obliged to change the location of their cricket field.

A particular acquaintance chooses an unused land that is said to be screamed They flee as a result of an odd weather shift. Malan brings his blood-stained cricket stumps from a dead body buried in the ground home.

He concentrates on courting Shaini when she summoned Malan to dinner. However, he brought his entire family to the accommodation out of nervousness about ghosts. Malan’s mother, on the other hand, confirmed their friendship throughout dinner and set a time for them to meet Shaini’s folks. His mother and sister-in-law witnessed several overnight supernatural happenings in the days that follow.

Malan gets possessed by the ghost, who causes him to act more and more effeminately while distancing Shaini and dressing like a woman. When it is discovered that he has been controlled by three ghosts—a violent woman named Maya, a Tamil Hindu man named Ramu, and an eleven-year-old with learning disabilities—his family confronts him violently. –  Sri Lanka Movies

23. Yugathra (2023)

Director: Channa Perera

The plot of the tale concentrates on Visal, an impressionable man who is wondering concerning the true identity of the unfamiliar female who continually shows up to him in his bad dreams at night during his slumber. –  Sri Lanka Movies

24. Midunu Vishwaya (2023)

Sri Lanka

Director: Jayantha Chandrasiri

A. “Midunu Vishwaya” Throughout his career, Warenya, who is trained in Western acting techniques and psychoanalysis, frequently comes into contact with many students of diverse psyches. One student in particular, Sumadya, stands out because of her unusual capacity to enter an extensive hypnotic state during Warenya’s mental exercises, one that transcends place and time. In one of these hypnotic sessions, Rajini, a well-known actress from the past who perished fifty years ago, uses Sumadya as a medium. Rajini may speak with Warenya, who lives in the year 2020, from her present-day self in the 1960s thanks to this special connectivity.

When Rajini has flourishing performing job prospects, she constantly yearns for a connection and love. She feels comfort in the relationships she has formed through time. Rajini takes advantage of that chance to learn to act professionally. Challenges occur when their love for one another grows since Warenya and Rajini depend on one another to act as a conduit. The discovery of this necessity complicates the issue and presents complications for each side.

The nebulous and unstoppable force known as time is their ultimate enemy, Warenya knows, not fate. The lovers must accept their separate lives and separate time realities after realizing this. In the end, Warenya and Rajini decide to end their intense relationship because they realize that their love exists only in the special area that has been formed. –  Sri Lanka Movies

25. The Forsaken Land (2005)

Director: Vimukthi Jayasundara

Anura is a committed soldier who gets poisoned by the everyday routine of a job he’s able to no longer define. An alcoholic soldier named Piyasiri is the only other individual he has relationships with at the distant station; they pass each other as they switch shifts.

Anura discovers that the amusing antics of the frequently passing soldiers are not anymore sufficient to counteract the monotonous silence of his unending wait. Even at home, the emotionless landscape persists. Between the heartbreaking dejection of their young child and the distant sexual encounters with his uninterested young wife, Lata, and his separated conversations with his only sister, Soma, it seems to him that hope in this war-torn wasteland is nothing more than a forgotten emotion and the sole means of sustenance for a group of depressed, impoverished individuals. –  Sri Lanka Movies

26. Sinhawalokanaya (2011)

Director: Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa

The movie explores a “secret”: what went on between November 1947 and demonstrates how Sri Lanka gained freedom from Britain in 1948.

It also clarifies the epic battle and struggles of a group of uninformed people through accomplished independence back in 1948. –  Sri Lanka Movies

27. The Dawning of the Day (2021)

Sri Lanka

Director: Asoka Handagama

Pablo Neruda, a Chilean lawmaker, and diplomat who is frequently hailed as one of the top poets of the 20th century, if not the most significant, is also widely believed to have committed rapes.

That serves as an introduction for The Using of the Day, a fictionalized talking about Neruda’s time service as ambassador to Sri Lanka in 1929, by Sri Lankan director Asoka Handagama. The Dawning of the Day, which had its world premiere in competition at Tokyo, starts with displaying passages from Manuel Neruda’s 1974 autobiography: “She kept her eyes wide open all the while, completely unresponsive.” –  Sri Lanka Movies

28. Butterfly Symphony (2013)

Director: Jayantha Chandrasiri

In his school, Vadeesha Devaminda Wickramanayaka is a skilled compassionate young guitarist. He gets the idea to do some introspection through a particular love letter that he unintentionally uncovers, written by Punya, a woman who is more mature than him in both age and life experience. Due to his failure to deliver the letter to its proper recipient, he is additionally afflicted by remorse. His tenacious attempts to deliver the letter to the woman’s lover fall short.

He writes a song that conveys a cathartic experience that stems from sympathy and his feelings of love for this woman. He became one of the most popular musicians in the whole country as a result of this well-liked composition and the many other songs he writes over 20 years.

But his attachment to Punya and his fond memories of her make him a failure in his married life. Punya is now left with a sense of emptiness in her life even though he suddenly regains his life by returning the letter to her after 20 years. –  Sri Lanka Movies

29. 5 Samath (2017)

Director: Jayaprakash Sivagurunadan

The movie underscores Samath’s quiet and humble attitude, which stands in stark contrast with the sense of entitlement we encounter in children raised in big cities.

He is driven by an instinctive urge to ensure that the town has access to electricity and discover an efficient means of providing groundwater to his father’ paddy crop. Can he be a success? –  Sri Lanka Movies

30. Sam’s Story (2011)

Director: Priyankara Vittanachchi

Sam is an autistic man who feels compelled to live his life and pursue his aspirations. challenges from the family and from society that he must face. transcending all obstacles and pursuing a desirable life. –  Sri Lanka Movies