Top 10 Greatest Eswatini Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Eswatini Movies of All Time. You should check out these Eswatini Movies. These Eswatini Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Eswatini Movies

1. Liyana (2017)

Eswatini Movies

Director: Amanda Kopp

A unique African story about a girl on a perilous mission is concocted by five Swazi children using their imaginations. A young Swazi girl sets out on a perilous mission to save her infant twin brothers. The five orphaned youngsters in Swaziland who created this animated African fairytale worked together to tell a tale of tenacity that was inspired by both their darkest memories and their most optimistic ambitions. A genre-defying celebration of collaborative storytelling is created as the journey of their fictional character is linked together with poetic and observational documentary moments. – Eswatini Movies

2. Never a Neverland (2014)

Eswatini Movies

Director: Ricky Norris

Imagine a kingdom where the adults have all died out due to an invisible epidemic, leaving only the youngsters to rule. A terrible and terrifying world is left to fend for itself as hundreds of thousands of children are left here to raise their children. Swaziland is the last remaining absolute monarchy in Africa.

It has the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the world, leaving one-third of its citizens vulnerable or orphaned. In 2030, Swaziland will have NO ADULTS if this avoidable disease is not drastically addressed. The movie captures the hope of a people trying to prevent Swaziland from ever becoming a Neverland as well as the reality of a kingdom on the verge of extinction. – Eswatini Movies

3. Umshana (2015)

Eswatini Movies

Director: Bi Phakathi

Themba, Gugu’s husband, is reportedly having an affair with an ex-girlfriend and is forcing Gugu out of the house. In the end, she summons her uncle to mediate with Themba when she crashes at a friend’s house, confronts the ex, and confronts her. – Eswatini Movies

4. Fool in a Bubble (2010)

Eswatini Movies

Director: Joshua Sternlicht

The 59-year-old South African musician and poet Syd Kitchen’s path and struggles are vividly explored in the documentary Fool In A Bubble, a must-see for fans of the genre. As Syd gets more politicized, cynical, and disillusioned with his profession and the state of affairs in South Africa, the film weaves together his past, present, and anticipated future.

In a no holds barred tour de force of documentary filmmaking, he investigates and deconstructs the meaning of success in his own life and his country post-apartheid versus democracy fused with its ethnocultural baggage and everlasting survival route.

A near-fatal accident, an alcoholic breakdown, an intervention, a resurrection, and the recording and release of a historic album in New York City with ex-South African musicians from Paul Simon’s Graceland CD are among the highlights. Syd is quite open and shows a frailty and self-awareness that is compelling to see. In the end, this movie is about the ability of the human spirit, music, and poetry to bring about hope and transformation. – Eswatini Movies

5. Tibi Tendlu: The Dirt That Binds Us (2023)

Eswatini Movies

Director: Mari Gardner

Twenty Swazi women, all of whom were sexually abused as children, learn how to operate film equipment and record one another’s tales, giving one another the strength to get over their traumas and fight for a better future for women and children in the Kingdom of Eswatini. – Eswatini Movies


6. Sipho and Joyce (2004)

Eswatini Movies

Director: James Hall

The only surviving members of their tiny family farm are 12-year-old Sipho and his 15-year-old sister Joyce. Their parents and older brother died of AIDS. The illness can still divide the kids. A tragic tale with some hope. – Eswatini Movies

7. Bloc B (2019)

Eswatini Movies

Director: Nora Longatti

Nine meetings take place in Bloc B, which is located somewhere in the Lausanne satellite city of “la Bourdonnette.” The movie was made with some of their neighbours and locals in mind. to experience what it’s like to be alive. – Eswatini Movies

8. Reclaiming Cocoa (2021)

Eswatini Movies

Director: Philippe Stalder

The ongoing documentary explores the Ghana–Switzerland cocoa value chain. It sheds light on Ghana’s colonial past with Switzerland and investigates Ghana’s fight to restore the worth of its national resource. It is anticipated that the full-length documentary will be released in the spring of 2024. – Eswatini Movies

9. The Unthinkable (2018)

Eswatini Movies

Director: Victor Danell

Sweden awakens to an emergency in the middle of the summer. Before anyone realises what caused the breakdown of the TV, internet, and telephone networks, a string of mysterious attacks occur across the nation.

When his mother perishes in a suspected terrorist strike, Alex, a talented musician, returns to his native hamlet to plan the burial. There, he will have to make amends with both his father and Anna, the ex-girlfriend he has been trying so hard to forget. More inexplicable attacks send Sweden into chaos and bewilderment as ancient emotions resurface. – Eswatini Movies

10. Catch a Fire (2006)

Eswatini Movies

Director: Phillip Noyce

The true account of a South African hero’s quest for freedom is a political thriller. Patrick Chamusso is an oil refinery foreman and football coach who is apolitical – until he and his wife Precious are imprisoned in the violent and divisive 1980s. Even as police Colonel Nic Vos continues to intrude into the Chamussos’ life, Patrick is shocked into action against the tyrannical ruling system of the nation.

Patrick Chamusso is a trustworthy manager of an oil refinery. He gives a fake alibi when questioned about a terrorist attack that occurred at the refinery during his shift, which worsens his health. He crosses the line after his prison experience and joins the African National Congress.

The actual account of South African anti-apartheid activists, with a focus on Patrick Chamusso’s life as a shy foreman at Secunda CTL, the biggest synthetic fuel manufacturing facility in the world. Patrick is falsely charged, jailed, and subjected to torture for attempting to bomb the factory. As a result of the injustice, the apolitical worker is radicalized and goes on to carry out his own successful sabotage effort. – Eswatini Movies