Top 10 Greatest Guyana Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Guyana Movies of All Time. You should check out these Guyana Movies. These Guyana Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Guyana Movies

1. Festival of Lights (2010)

Guyana Movies

Director: Shundell Prasad

A disobedient teen girl travels from New York to Guyana after learning terrible information about her father’s disappearance to learn the truth about her family’s enigmatic background. A little girl reaches adulthood in New York City while being separated from her father when their family immigrates from Guyana. She attempts to find peace and learn the truth about what happened to her father while overcoming a traumatic childhood and a strained relationship with her mother. – Guyana Movies

2. Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (1980)

Guyana Movies

Director: William Graham

The real story of Reverend Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple cult, including its relocation to Guyana and eventual mass death. Based on the true account of the self-styled prophet and Peoples Temple founder Reverend Jim Jones. He started as an idealist in the 1960s, assisting minorities and fighting bigotry.

Jim Jones’ focus on his belief in the nuclear catastrophe changed once he relocated to San Francisco and gained more influence and notoriety. Before relocating them to Guyana, he had over 1000 devoted followers who had given their entire life savings to him and joined his commune.

Authorities started looking into possible unlawful acts when they became aware of them and when they learned that some people were being kept against their will. Jones chose suicide than facing the accusations leveled against him, and nearly all of his followers followed his lead. – Guyana Movies

3. Guyana: Crime of the Century (1979)

Guyana Movies

Director: René Cardona Jr.

The zealous and paranoid pastor of a small, independent church in San Francisco, Reverend James Johnson, relocates his 1,000-person congregation to the Guyana woods in 1977. There, away from the alleged corruption of the developed world, they will construct their utopia.

Johnson uses harshness to maintain order in his “Johnsontown” community, making life intolerable. Congressman Lee O’Brien of California travels to Johnsontown in November 1978 with a group of journalists to look into allegations of abuse and commune members being detained against their will. Congressman gave a false impression of the camp by Reverend Johnson, despite his best efforts.

When O’Brien and a group of defectors depart Johnsontown, Johnson instructs his devoted hit squads to kill O’Brien and the journalists before ordering his supporters to commit mass ritual suicide. – Guyana Movies

4. Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple (2006)

Guyana Movies

Director: Stanley Nelson

The Peoples Temple members who followed Jones from Indiana to California and ultimately to their deaths in Guyana in November 1978 are the subject of this documentary. Numerous film festivals, including Tribeca, Silverdocs, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, selected Jonestown as an official selection in 2006. – Guyana Movies

5. Thunder in Guyana (2003)

Guyana Movies

Director: Suzanne Wasserman

This is a documentary on Janet Rosenberg Jagan, my cousin who was elected president of Guyana, in South America. She is the first woman born in the United States to be president. She is revered as the country of Guyana’s mother.

My video weaves together the strands of my family’s history, Janet’s unusual life story, and the intricate history of the little-known nation of Guyana to tell the tale of this extraordinary woman and her chosen homeland. I’m able to do this because of my distinctive viewpoint as a relative and a historian.

Thunder in Guyana reveals an unusual tale of a woman who didn’t let her concerns or other people’s opinions stop her from following her convictions. The movie brings Janet’s amazing history to life through her biography.

Newsreel video charts the British colony’s gradual emancipation and declaration of independence, and interviews with Janet and her supporters illustrate the brave actions taken by the elected official to unite and educate the underprivileged working class of the nation. – Guyana Movies


6. The Jonestown Haunting (2020)

Guyana Movies

Director: Andrew Jones

A Jonestown massacre survivor visits the scene ten years later and finds that the cult’s former headquarters has turned into a haven for the paranormal. In 1978, one of the largest mass suicides in history took place in a rural community inhabited by The People’s Temple, a notorious cult founded by Reverend Jim Jones.

One cult member survived even though all were scheduled to perish that day. Sarah Logan is still troubled by horrific nightmares ten years later. To lay the ghosts of the past to rest, she decides to go back to the abandoned community.

Sarah quickly learns, however, that the cult’s old residence has turned into a haven for the paranormal. She is currently engaged in a new battle for her life, fending off evil forces to once more flee Jonestown’s oppressive gloom. – Guyana Movies

7. Beached (2011)

Guyana Movies

Director: Kojo McPherson

The narrative of Beached follows a man named Nyoike as he copes with life in the wake of a terrible event. Nyo is on the verge of self-destruction in his darkest hour until he receives the assistance of the most unexpected kind. – Guyana Movies

8. Rebecca’s Story (2013)

Guyana Movies

Director: Kwesi Archer

A fortuitous visit from a neighbor provides a better escape plan for the young reader who is orphaned and fantasizing about escaping her grandmother’s harsh supervision. – Guyana Movies

9. Rainbow Raani (2006)

Guyana Movies

Director: Harbance Kumar

The message of the seductive comedy Rainbow Raani is that true love knows no boundaries of place or gender. The focus of the narrative is a musical group called “The Rainbows” that consists of an African, an Indian, a Caucasian, and a Chinese player.

They are a quartet, similar to the Beatles. Four young guys make up the brilliant musical group The Rainbows: East Indian Raaja, Afro-American Rodney, Caucasian Adam, and Chinese Jim. Raani, their backup vocalist and Raaja’s East Indian girlfriend is a talented musician. In a similar vein, Rodney adores his Afro beauty, Naomi.

The Rainbows think that only in America can their band reach its full potential. They believe that Raaja, their leader, should set up a fictitious marriage to obtain a US visa as a quick fix. The Rainbows would undoubtedly achieve fame and wealth as a result, but there would be romantic issues. – Guyana Movies

10. Eating Papaw on the Seashore (2023)

Guyana Movies

Director: Rae Wiltshire

The story of discovering attraction outside of national boundaries. There is a lot to enjoy about this movie because it keeps things basic to emphasize its story. Gay youths from the Guyanese countryside named Asim and Hasani battle with their attraction to one another. – Guyana Movies