Top 10 Greatest Uganda Animation Movies list

Top 10 Greatest Uganda Animation Movies list. You should check out these Uganda Animation Movies. These Uganda Animation Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


1. A Kalabanda Ate My Homework (2017)

Uganda Animation Movies

Director: Raymond Malinga

The narrative follows Tendo, a primary school student, who arrives at school without her assigned homework. Upon being questioned as to why she had not completed her assignment, she offers the explanation that she had been devoured by a Kalabanda, a mythical creature. – Uganda Animation Movies

2. Flee (2021)

Benin Animation Movies

Directors: Jonas Poher Rasmussen

This animated documentary tells the story of an individual’s need to confront their past to create a successful future. The protagonist, Amin, is a 36-year-old academic from Afghanistan who immigrated to Denmark as an unaccompanied minor.

He is now engaged to his partner, but a secret he has kept from his family for more than two decades threatens his life. He confides his story to a trusted friend for the first time. – Uganda Animation Movies

3. Ronal the Barbarian (2011)

Uganda Animation Movies

Directors: Thorbjørn Christoffersen

The narrative centers around a fantasy comedy that follows the life of a young man named Ronal, who resides in a barbarian village. Ronal is perceived as frail, emaciated, and lacking the typical barbarian characteristics that are prevalent among his peers, thus rendering him a subject of ridicule.

However, when his village is besieged, and his tribe is abducted by the nefarious Volcazar, Ronal resolves to rescue his people and vanquish Volcazar. Along the way, he must navigate through perilous circumstances to achieve his objective. – Uganda Animation Movies

4. Checkered Ninja (2018)

Uganda Animation Movies

Directors: Thorbjørn Christoffersen

Aske is an ordinary seventh-grade student who desires a more tranquil life free from the difficulties he faces daily. He is in a romantic relationship with Jessica, a classmate one grade above him, and his nerdy friend Oddysus is being accosted by a student in his special education class, Glenn.

Aske’s relationship between his stepfather and his stepbrother is strained. When his uncle Stewart presents him with a ninja doll for his thirteenth birthday while he is away on holiday in Thailand, Aske’s world is suddenly thrown into disarray.

He soon discovers that the doll has been possessed by the spirit of Taiko, a renowned Japanese warrior who has committed ritual suicide to protect mankind from evil. Aske and the beauty join forces to avenge the death of a young boy at the factory in Thailand by a Danish businessman, Philip Eberfr.

This serves as a test for Aske and the new bond between them as they embark on an adventure that they have never experienced before. – Uganda Animation Movies

5. A Fish Tale (2000)

Uganda Animation Movies

Directors: Michael Hegner,

Fly, an impulsive teenage boy, is stranded at his aunt Anna’s house with his younger sister, Stella, and his precocious cousin, Chuck, after his fishing plans have been abruptly put on hold.

As the story progresses, the situation becomes more complicated when the children stumble upon Professor MacKrill’s whimsical boathouse, and Stella accidentally consumes a yellowish liquid. Now stranded amid the ocean, the children have only 48 hours to find the cure. – Uganda Animation Movies


6. Dreambuilders (2020)

Uganda Animation Movies

Directors: Kim Hagen Jensen

Minna is a young girl whose parents, John and Karen, have abandoned her to pursue her career as a singer. She lives in the countryside with her father. Her parents have two children, Jenny and Helene. Minna is having difficulty adjusting to her new surroundings. One night, she awakens from a dream in which she notices a gap in the sky, and is directed by blue aliens.

The following evening, she surveys the area and encounters Gaff, a member of the blue creatures she has encountered, who are known as Dreambuilders and are responsible for creating people’s dreams.

When Minna is attacked by the Inspector while escaping, she inadvertently interferes with the dream’s narrative by giving him an anchovies-filled cake instead of the one intended for the Inspector. – Uganda Animation Movies

7. Checkered Ninja 2 (2021)

Uganda Animation Movies

Directors: Thorbjørn Christoffersen

Follow Alex and the Checkered Ninja as they set out on a desperate search for the scoundrel Phillip Eppermint, who has escaped from a Thai prison sentence. The adventures of Alex and his Checkered Ninja in their search for the criminal Phillip Peppermint who has broken out of a Thai prison. – Uganda Animation Movies

8. Strings (2004)

Uganda Animation Movies

Directors: Anders Rønnow Klarlund

The narrative follows the King’s decision to commit suicide and instruct his son to seek reconciliation with the enemy. His evil brother attempts to have the prince go out and avenge his father by burning his suicide note and making it appear as if the Zeriths had killed him.

His plan is for the prince to be killed and his ascendancy to the throne to be restored. The prince and his advisor/voyeur set off on their journey, but the Evil Brother threatens to decimate the Advisor’s family unless the Advisor kills the Prince before the Prince ever learns of the Zeriths’ existence. The Evil Brother’s plan is foiled when the Advisor’s wife discovers a copy of the Suicide Note. – Uganda Animation Movies

9. Return to Zootopia (2017)

Uganda Animation Movies

Directors: Mauricio Velazco

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps have been partners in the law enforcement agency ZPD for six months, where they have successfully apprehended criminals and achieved a high level of success in their respective fields. Over time, their relationship has begun to develop into something more. However, when a new case arises that threatens to throw their lives into disarray, their trust in each other must be tested. – Uganda Animation Movies

10. Journey to Saturn (2008)

Uganda Animation Movies

Directors: Craig Frank

A disparate group of Danes embark on a journey to Saturn in pursuit of resources. There, they encounter a formidable host of extraterrestrials who have set their sights on Earth and have invaded Denmark. Despite this, they have managed to colonize the planet. Consequently, the group decides to alter their original objective of freeing Denmark. – Uganda Animation Movies

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