Top 20 Greatest Afghanistan Movies of All Time

Top 20 Greatest Afghanistan Movies of All Time. You should check out these Afghanistan Movies. These Afghanistan Movies will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Afghanistan Movies

1. Osama (2003)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Siddiq Barmak

Afghanistan is under the control of the Taliban, who have a strict government, particularly against women, who are not allowed to work. With three women representing three straight generations, this scenario is particularly challenging.

Their family’s male members have all lost their lives in various Afghani battles. The mother had been a nurse in a hospital, but the Taliban has stopped funding the facility even though she is not permitted to work. The preteen daughter will pose as a guy so that she may acquire a job to support the family, the mother, and grandmother decide, feeling that this is the only way they can survive.

The daughter, who feels helpless, agrees despite being terrified because she fears that the Taliban will kill her if they find out about her disguise. The daughter places a lock of her recently cut hair in a pot in part as a symbolic gesture to restore her lost femininity. The milk vendor, who employs the daughter, and a nearby youngster named Espandi, who recognizes her despite her apparent changes in appearance, are the only people outside the family aware of the ruse. Espandi changes her name to Osama. – Afghanistan Movies

2. Bread and Roses (2023)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Sahra Mani

The memories of Afghan women’s experiences ever since the Taliban took over Kabul. The absence of a viewer stand-in or a voice-of-god narrator to lead the audience through an objective analysis of the scenario helps the movie.

This is a shabby, up-close, and personal film, which is not mean that everything is deliberately cryptic or difficult to understand. More so, Mani trusts that her subjects and audience will interact with the events as they occur without the need for intrusive framing. – Afghanistan Movies

3. A Few Cubic Meters of Love (2014)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Jamshid Mahmoudi

A young Iranian man who works in a Tehran factory falls in love with the daughter of an Afghan employee. Afghan asylum seekers who reside with their families in disused shipping containers or simple shacks in surrounding shanty communities are illegally employed at a small factory somewhere in Tehran. Young Iranian worker Sabre surreptitiously meets Marona, the child of Afghan laborer Abdolsalam. A love tale develops, with no one knowing how it will end. – Afghanistan Movies

4. Earth and Ashes (2004)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Atiq Rahimi

The elderly Dastaguir travels to the coal mine where his son Murad works via hitchhiking, walking, and mostly walking with his newly deaf 5-year-old grandson Yassin. Murad must be informed by Dastaguir that the rest of their family perished in a recent bombing.

Dastaguir and his five-year-old grandson Yacine jump from the back of a pickup vehicle and take a seat at a desert crossroads where they wait and wait for a ride to a neighboring mine days after his village is devastated in a bombing raid.

The awful duty of informing Yacine, Dastaguir’s son, that Yacine’s mother and wife had passed away and that Yacine is now deaf falls to Dastaguir. Dastaguir is concerned about his son’s mental health and tormented by flashbacks to his daughter-in-law’s humiliation, which he was powerless to stop. – Afghanistan Movies

5. Wajma, an Afghan Love Story (2013)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Barmak Akram

The elderly Dastaguir travels to the coal mine where his son Murad works via hitchhiking, walking, and mostly walking with his newly deaf 5-year-old grandson Yassin. Murad must be informed by Dastaguir that the rest of their family perished in a recent bombing.

Dastaguir and his five-year-old grandson Yacine jump from the back of a pickup vehicle and take a seat at a desert crossroads where they wait and wait for a ride to a neighboring mine days after his village is devastated in a bombing raid. The awful duty of informing Yacine, Dastaguir’s son, that Yacine’s mother and wife had passed away and that Yacine is now deaf falls to Dastaguir. – Afghanistan Movies

6. Rona, Azim’s Mother (2018)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Jamshid Mahmoudi

Azim, an Afghan refugee who spends the evenings working for the government, resides in Tehran with his family. He arranges for his brother Faroogh and his family, along with their mother, to be smuggled into Germany because he is the head of the entire family and the oldest brother.

Faroogh, however, abruptly informs Azim that he will not be taking their mother, who has a strong attachment to her grandchildren. Azim, who is angry and lonely, learns by chance that his mother needs a kidney transplant immediately or she would pass away in two months.

Although the doctor strongly advises him not to, he finds out during his quest for a donor that Iranians are not legally allowed to donate their organs to foreigners and he is the lone donor. He has always said that his mother is the most important person in his life, but now he must decide between his own life and hers. – Afghanistan Movies

7. A Letter to the President (2017)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Roya Sadat

When Soraya, a low-ranking government official, stood up for a lady against village lords, she was in jail. She writes the Afghan President from behind bars for assistance. Soraya, a married mother of two, discovers that her aggressive and ineffective husband Karim finds her position as chief of the Kabul Crime Division to be too demanding. Karim confronts her when she investigates her father-in-law for work, and she unintentionally kills him. She is promptly put in prison and given the death penalty. – Afghanistan Movies

8. Etilaat Roz (2022)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Abbas Rezaie

Afghan daily newspaper Etilaat Roz’s journalists must make decisions when the Taliban conquer Kabul on August 15, 2021. Should they flee or hold the Taliban accountable for their crimes? For ten years, the journalists of the Etilaat Roz have been making the most widely circulated daily newspaper in Kabul—entirely transparent, and constantly on the lookout for abuses in society and politics. But what do you do when this work becomes practically impossible? This film follows the team as the city is recaptured by the Taliban. – Afghanistan Movies

9. A Thousand Girls Like Me (2018)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Sahra Mani

The young Afghan woman abused by her father for many years bravely fought for justice and the safety of her children. After multiple miscarriages, Khatera Golzad gave birth to a daughter and a son after more than thirteen years of sexual and physical abuse from her father.

She made numerous attempts to press accusations, but neither the Afghani police nor the justice system were able to assist her. Despite threats from male relatives and judges who called her a liar, she finally succeeded in taking her case to court in 2014 after making a public accusation against her father on national television.

A THOUSAND GIRLS LIKE ME is the tale of one woman’s struggle against societal, familial, and legal constraints as she sets out on a mission to be a role model for her daughter and other girls like her. It sheds light on the corrupt Afghan judicial system and the women it rarely defends. The film by Afghan director Sahra Mani is ultimately a tale of bravery, love, hope, and perseverance in a nation where the systemic abuse of females is rarely exposed. – Afghanistan Movies

10. Lina (2017)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Ramin Rasouli

Maryam learns from blood tests that her parents are not their true biological parents. Maryam is adamant about learning who her biological father is and why he abandoned her. She finally finds a phone number from Afghanistan after considerable searching. – Afghanistan Movies


Movies About Afghan War

11. Brothers (2009)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Jim Sheridan

Captain Sam Cahill of the United States Marine Corps is well-liked by both his coworkers and family members, particularly his father, Hank Cahill, a former Marine. Even though his two young kids, Isabelle and Maggie, and his wife Grace, his high school sweetheart, also adore him, they do not appreciate his frequent absences.

The anticipated release of his brother, Tommy Cahill, from prison coincides with his only most recent mission to Afghanistan. Hank and Grace do not think highly of Tommy, and Hank believes Tommy has not earned their respect. Tommy’s post-prison behavior has not changed their opinions. The Cahills learn that Sam has been killed in action early on in this tour of service.

Tommy ultimately understands that he must grow up and take on adult responsibilities, in large part as a result of Grace’s sadness. In doing so, he steps into Sam’s shoes in more ways than one. The girls perceive in their Uncle Tommy the father that they don’t have in Sam, particularly one that is always there in their lives.

Tommy and Grace only share a single kiss as they fall into each other’s arms out of shared anguish. When they all find out that Sam was not dead but rather captured in Afghanistan and recently rescued, their new life is drastically altered. – Afghanistan Movies

12. Riders of Justice (2020)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Anders Thomas Jensen

When Markus’ wife tragically perishes in a train accident, he is forced to return home to his teenage daughter Mathilde. Markus is a deployed service member. Although it initially seems like terrible luck, it may have been a perfectly planned assassination in which his wife was an unintended victim.

After a terrible train accident, Markus, a former soldier in Afghanistan, returns home to care for his daughter, Mathilde. On his way back, Otto, a statistical analyst and one of the accident’s few survivors, unexpectedly greets Markus. Otto is persuaded that there is more to this tragedy than first appears. It does appear like there are a lot of secrets that are hidden from view. – Afghanistan Movies

13. Charlie Wilson’s War (2007)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Mike Nichols

Charlie Wilson, a womanizing Texas-based US congressman who appeared to be playing in the minor leagues in the early 1980s, is a member of two important committees that deal with clandestine operations and foreign policy.

Wilson learns about the plight the people are experiencing in the terrible Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, however, after being prodded by his main conservative ally, Houston socialite Joanne Herring.

Wilson devotes his cunning political efforts to providing the Afghan mujahideen with the resources and support they need to destroy the Soviet Union with the assistance of the unconventional CIA operative Gustav “Gust” Avrakotos. Charlie Wilson eventually discovers, to everyone’s regret, that while a military victory is possible, there are also other costs and consequences to that conflict that are disregarded. – Afghanistan Movies

14. Stop-Loss (2008)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Kimberly Peirce

A veteran soldier returns from his completed tour of service in Iraq only to have his life flipped upside down by the Army’s arbitrary order for him to report back for field duty. Following his term of service, Sgt. Brandon King, a decorated Iraq war hero, makes a joyous return to his modest Texas hometown.

He makes an effort to rebuild the life he abandoned. The Army then sends Brandon back to duty in Iraq against his will, upending his entire world. Everything he holds dear is put to the test throughout the fight, including his faith in the ties of friendship, love, and the worth of honor. – Afghanistan Movies

15. Lions for Lambs (2007)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Robert Redford

Two Army rangers were hurt in Afghanistan, behind enemy lines, and this led to a chain of incidents involving a congressman, a journalist, and a professor. Three stories are told simultaneously in real time over 90 minutes: a Republican senator running for president gives an hour-long interview to a skeptic television reporter outlining a plan for victory in Afghanistan. Two special forces ambushed on an Afghan ridge wait for help as the Taliban close in, and a political science professor at a California college invites a bright student to re-engage. The reporter, the student, and the soldiers must make decisions. – Afghanistan Movies

16. The Kite Runner (2007)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Marc Forster

Afghan children Amir and Hassan, a Hazara boy who is his devoted buddy and the offspring of their Hazara servant Ali, are reared together in Amir’s father’s home during the 1970s, playing and kitting on the streets of a tranquil Kabul. Amir believes that his loving and wise father, Baba, holds him responsible for the loss of his mother during delivery and that he favors Hassan to him.

Rahim Khan, the closest friend of Amir’s father, is someone Amir greatly admires and who encourages him in his goal of becoming a writer. Following Amir’s victory in a kite-flying contest, Hassan rushes to deliver a kite to Amir, but the ruthless Assef beats and rapes him on a deserted street to safeguard Amir’s kite.

The cowardly Amir witnesses the assault but does not intervene to rescue the obedient Hassan. The day following his birthday celebration, Amir conceals his new watch in Hassam’s bed to frame the youngster as a thief and persuade his father to fire Ali, relieving him of the burden of thinking about his treachery and cowardice.

Baba and Amir flee to Pakistan in 1979 when the Russians invade Afghanistan. When Amir graduates from a public college in 1988, they are living a modest life in Fremont, California, much to the delight of Baba. – Afghanistan Movies

17. A War (2015)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Tobias Lindholm

A Danish commander chooses while negotiating with the Taliban in Afghanistan that unintentionally results in the deaths of some Afghan civilians while saving the lives of many of his forces. He is now being prosecuted for crimes.

Claus M. Pedersen, the company commander, and his soldiers are deployed to an Afghan area. Back in Denmark, Claus’ wife Maria is attempting to keep things running smoothly while her husband is away at war and their three children are missing their father.

The soldiers are caught in intense gunfire during a routine mission, and Claus decides to act in a way that may have serious repercussions for him and his family back home to save his comrades. – Afghanistan Movies

18. Restrepo (2010)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Sebastian Junger

When the young, inexperienced soldiers fly into the valley, they begin to realize that this is going to be a living hell because up until that point, they had only a faint understanding of what combat was like. They arrive at the Kop outpost in Korengal.

This is a terrace in the mountain that has been walled off temporarily for protection. They are continuously being fired at by the Taliban who surround them. Vimoto, the first young soldier, dies shortly after, and Doc Restrepo follows a month later. To better control the valley, Captain Kearney gives his soldiers orders to seize a nearby mountainside and build a new outpost there that they would name Restrepo in memory of their fallen comrade.

Operation Rock Avalanche, which took place during their deployment, was the riskiest activity. They enter territory under Taliban control, where they engage in close-quarters action, and Sergeant Rougle is killed. The young troops who survived their 15-month assignment suffered permanent psychological issues. – Afghanistan Movies

19. Rock the Kasbah (2015)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Barry Levinson

A struggling music promoter in Afghanistan finds a young woman with a remarkable voice while on a music tour and invites her to Kabul so she can participate in the popular television show Afghan Star. Richie Lanz, a failed rock manager, takes his last client on a USO tour of Afghanistan.

When Richie finds himself in Kabul, abandoned, destitute, and without his American passport, he encounters a young Afghan girl named Salima with an outstanding voice and manages her through Afghanistan’s version of American Idol. – Afghanistan Movies

20. 9th Company (2005)

Afghanistan Movies

Director: Fyodor Bondarchuk

In late 1980s Afghanistan, where the insurgents are eroding the government’s hold, a group of recruits for the Russian army complete their training and accept their postings.

The movie chronicles what happened to a group of seven recruits who were selected from Krasnoyarsk for military service in the USSR in the late 1980s and transported to the DRA after undergoing several months of training.

The events that took place in early 1988, during Operation Magistral, when the paratroopers of the 9th company of the 345th separate paratrooper regiment engaged in combat at Hill 3234, are partially depicted in the photo. – Afghanistan Movies