Top 20 Greatest Austria Cartoons of All Time

Top 20 Greatest Austria Cartoons of All Time. You should check out these Austria Cartoons. These Austria Cartoons will give you a lot of fun and practice.


Austria Cartoons

1. Moonbound (2021)

Austria Cartoons

Director: Ali Samadi Ahadi

A little boy sets out on an interstellar journey to rescue his younger sister from the grasp of a vindictive man who lives on the moon. Peter’s younger sister Anne is kidnapped by the evil Moon Man after relocating to a new home.

Peter must journey to the moon with Mr. Zoomzeman, an amiable old beetle, and the dozing Mr. Sandman to save her. To finally halt the man on the moon, they must race one another across the Milky Way. This animated lunar adventure, which is based on the well-known German classic “Little Peter’s Journey to the Moon,” will have everyone reaching for the heavens. – Austria Cartoons

2. Welcome to Siegheilkirchen (2021)

Austria Cartoons

Director: Marcus H. Rosenmüller

The son of a hard-working innkeeper, known as Snotty Boy to all and everyone, is at war with the constrictions of his hometown in 1960s Siegheilkirchen, a small town in the Austrian countryside that is entrenched in conservative, ultra-Catholic ideas.

But his unstoppable talent for drawing allows him to express his resentment while also amusing his classmates and exposing the town’s bigwigs to a collective orgy of unashamed laughter. This prevents him from being maliciously persecuted by a small group of political zealots and allows him to protect his beloved, the ravishingly beautiful Mariolina. – Austria Cartoons

3. Ghosthunters: On Icy Trails (2015)

Austria Cartoons

Director: Tobi Baumann

Tom, an 11-year-old who frequently daydreams and fears many things, notably the damp, dark cellar below his flat, has his parents, the Thompsons, terrified. Hugo is an ASG or an Averagely Spooky Ghost; he is utterly benign and lovable, even though he can be a real pain in the neck.

Hugo is facing a major challenge since an extremely dangerous Ancient Ice has driven him from his former home and is now haunting it. Hugo is in a dire situation, if he doesn’t return to his original form before the next full moon, he will never be found again.

Tom befriends the clumsy ghost out of a desire to aid Hugo. Fortunately, the Central Ghosthunting Institute has fired Hetty Cuminseed, their greatest ghosthunter, albeit not always the nicest. Her supervisor claims that she is simply not a team player and that there is only a limited need for traditional ghost hunters.

Tom begs Hetty to assist Hugo, a new acquaintance of his. Even Hetty, who normally becomes sentimental around ghosts, is moved by this strange bond. She consents to get rid of the AIG from the haunting house. – Austria Cartoons

4. Trenk, the Little Knight (2015)

Austria Cartoons

Director: Anthony Power

Trenk, a ten-year-old peasant who is Sir Wertolt’s property and a slave, wishes to become a knight so that he might free his family. Even though his sword is heavier than he is, with constant practice, he will soon be able to defeat fearsome dragons and save helpless damsels in trouble before winning their hearts.

The makers of “Lilly The Witch” have released the eagerly awaited new animated film, “Trenk, the Little Knight.” It is set in the Middle Ages and has gorgeously colored and drawn backgrounds, as well as plots with castles, battles, and courtly society that accurately and authentically reflect medieval life. It depicts the incredibly fascinating tale of a little kid who must discover what bravery and heroism are before becoming a dazzling knight. – Austria Cartoons

5. El Crazy Che (2015)

Austria Cartoons

Director: Pablo Chehebar

The amazing true account of a crazy Argentinian engineer who joined the Cold War spy ranks by passing Soviet Union knowledge about the semiconductor business through Cuba. The pursuit of his beliefs has unimaginable repercussions.

The most incredible case of industrial espionage—the extraordinary true story of an Argentine engineer who became a cold war spy—is the subject of the documentary. Gaede provided technical details on the semiconductor business to the Soviet Union via the Cuban government when he was employed for AMD and INTEL in the US.

Gaede later turned himself in to the CIA and FBI after becoming dissatisfied with the communist revolution, and he started working in a counter-espionage operation that ultimately had unimaginable repercussions. – Austria Cartoons

6. Johnny & Me (2023)

Austria Cartoons

Director: Katrin Rothe

Heartfield’s exceptional life from 100 years ago is the starting point of an exciting adventure. He was referred regarded be one of the most significant European painters by Bertolt Brecht. The party book was personally delivered by Rosa Luxemburg to the communist in the first hour of 1918.

Among his closest friends and collaborators on art projects are George Grosz and Kurt Tucholsky. He chose an English name for himself as a kind of protest against German belligerence. But the creator of political photomontage swiftly emerged as one of the most dangerous state opponents for the Nazis. He ran away for many years throughout Europe, and even in the socialist GDR, he was unable to find a haven. – Austria Cartoons

7. Dobuschido (2009)

Austria Cartoons

Director: Qujochö

This animated movie tells the tale of a fictional superhero who is a cross between Bushido, a well-known German rapper and hip-hop producer, and the former mayor of the European city of Linz in Austria.

8. Happiness Machine (2019)

Austria Cartoons

Director: Vessela Dantcheva

It’s a story bursting at the seams with gangsta rap, politics, feelings, and tears. This animated movie tells the tale of a fictional superhero who is a cross between Bushido, a well-known German rapper and hip-hop producer, and the former mayor of the European city of Linz in Austria. – Austria Cartoons

9. The Wrong Rock (2018)

Austria Cartoons

Director: Michael Cawood

The wrong rock gave birth to Martin the mushroom. Martin faces great obstacles in his quest to reach a remote rock and find acceptance there. This is a tale about equality and setting aside personal preferences in the interest of the common good. – Austria Cartoons

10. Moomin and Midsummer Madness (2008)

Austria Animation

Director: Maria Lindberg

A volcano eruption disrupts a tranquil summer day in the Moomin Valley. The Moomin family escapes to a strange home at the last minute. It turns out that the Moomin Family is writing a play on a stage, not an ordinary house. The Moomin Valley has experienced a long, sweltering summer.

When a volcanic eruption results in a significant flood, all the species suddenly stop being bored with the constant change in the season. The Moomin family is saved by a floating abandoned house as they look for safety. But this is not a house, and it is not vacant.

The Moomin discovers that the structure is a theatre while it is being used by the fiery Emma. The Moomin family soon becomes immersed in writing their play—the first-ever Moomin stage production—with lots of costumes and props to keep them busy. – Austria Cartoons


Austria Animation Series

11. The Wonderful Adventures of Nils (1980)

Austria Animation

Director: Masami Annô

Nils Holgersson is a little boy who enjoys sleeping, eating, and getting into trouble with the farm animals on his parent’s property. He takes pleasure in hurting the animals. He preserves a moment. The time offers to sacrifice its freedom for a sizable gold coin, but Nils rejects the offer.

The tomato transforms Nils into a tomato, which the farm animals then hunt in retaliation. When a farm goose tries to join a flock of wild geese, Nils jumps on the bird to flee the farm animals’ fury. The farm goose learns how to adapt to life as a wild goose while traveling through Sweden with him, the farm goose, and his pet hamster. Nils makes an effort to improve himself to fit in with the other geese but also in the hope that the time will be placated and allow him to grow back to his normal size. – Austria Cartoons

12. Master Eder and His Pumuckl (1982)

Austria Animation

Director: Ulrich König

Pumuckl, a charming and occasionally mischievous goblin, formerly shared a home with Franz Eder, a cabinetmaker. Pumuckl was constantly up to mischief, so Mr. Eder had to endure quite a bit of hardship. When other people approach, the Kobold Pumuckl turns invisible, so only the master carpenter Eder can see him. In the end, Pumuckl stays with Eder at his carpenter’s shop and keeps up a pleasant and fatherly connection with him. – Austria Cartoons

13. Vicky the Viking (1974)

Austria Animation

Director: Hannes Gromball

Young Wickie enjoys a pleasant existence in a tiny Viking village named Flake in the distant past. Halvar, the chief of the Vikings, would have preferred a son who was a little bit more courageous. So, to provide Wicke the experience he will need to be a true Viking, he and his squad accompany Wicke on their travels. However, Halvar and his soldiers frequently find themselves stranded or utterly stopped, and Wickie is left on his own to free them using his quick wit. – Austria Cartoons

14. Maya (1975–1980)

Austria Animation

Director: Masaharu Endô

Maya is a bee born during internal strife, while the hive is splitting into two separate colonies. Maya is raised by Miss Cassandra, her teacher. Maya wants to travel the globe despite Miss Cassandra’s warnings, so she breaks the cardinal rule by abandoning the hive.

Maya, who is currently exiled, makes friends with various insects and faces perils with them during her excursions. The book’s conclusion sees Maya captured by hornets, sworn enemies of the bees. Maya, a hornet prisoner, discovers a hornet plot to assault her original hive.

Maya must choose between announcing the plan and risking her safety while destroying the hive or returning to the hive and receiving her just punishment. She gives it a lot of thought before deciding to go back. She warns of the impending attack in the hive and receives an unexpected pardon.

The hornet attack army is defeated by the warning bees. As a hive hero, Maya goes on to become a teacher like Miss Cassandra, imparting her knowledge and wisdom to younger generations. – Austria Cartoons

15. The Adventures of Pinocchio (1976–1977)

Austria Animation

Director: Shigeo Koshi

The fundamentals of the story remained the same, even though the plot was slightly altered from the original. The plot opens with Geppetto, an elderly carpenter who lives alone in a small Italian village in the Tuscany region.

Geppetto carves a marionette from a weird wooden log he discovers one day, and the marionette comes to life and becomes the kid he never had. He is given the name “Pinocchio” by Geppetto. Later, Geppetto persuades Pinocchio to begin attending the neighborhood school.

The Fox (who is pretending to hobble) and the Cat (who is pretending to be blind) get Pinocchio to accompany them on a trip to the theatre to see a puppet play as they pass by on their way to the school. Pinocchio decides to work at the puppet theatre to save money that he can later provide to Geppetto, who is in need. As Pinocchio plays at theatres in several cities, he decides to flee the establishment and return home with the gold money he has amassed. – Austria Cartoons

16. Tamberlane (2022)

Austria Animation

Director: Kay Fisher

A human child was found alone walking through the forest by the animal residents of Treehollow. They also don’t know what it is. Who knows how this enigmatic being, Tamerlane, landed up in their town? – Austria Cartoons

17. Helmi (1980)

Austria Animation

Director: Victor Couzyn

Helmi: The white cult figure is receiving a new wardrobe after 25 years of dedication to promoting traffic safety. Helmi has grown, is wearing fringes, and has a new helmet. On Friday in Vienna, the new puppet was unveiled at a press conference. She will no longer merely offer advice on how to act appropriately when traveling in the current season, which can be viewed on ORF starting on Saturday. – Austria Cartoons

18. Birne, Schädel & Haupt (2016)

Austria Animation

Director: Benjamin Swiczinsky

Disney was still his main source of inspiration at the time, and he used the Vienna media center to help him create his first films. He eventually got a job as the head animator on Philipp Hochhauser’s independent, low-budget movie Faust. A fascinating independent film that depicted Goethe’s play exactly, but without its lines, nearly as a silent cinema. – Austria Cartoons

19. Rookie Robot Explores the World (2021)

Austria Animation


Preschoolers can watch the non-dialogue series Rookie Robot, which was developed and made in Vienna. The program focuses on the exploits of Rookie, a curious and amiable tiny bot who travels the world, makes new friends, and goes on thrilling adventures. Even robots need to learn.

And that is the Rookie’s favorite thing in the world. Each episode contains a fresh lesson for Rookies to learn, whether it be helping a hoarse lion find his roar, learning to plunge into the sea while being guided by a lifeguard turtle, or keeping the environment clean by jokingly collecting garbage bags.

With a humorous twist, Rookie’s interactions emphasize honesty and empathy and demonstrate how we are all stronger when we work together. Additionally, Rookie gains new knowledge about the world every episode, encouraging young viewers to do the same. Since the show’s characters are all based on genuine children’s line drawings, it’s simple for young viewers to relate to the plot and the characters. – Austria Cartoons

20. Spirello (2003)

Austria Animation

Director: Alexander Wieser

Spirello is a choice that may be used at home as well as in kindergarten and preschool settings. Children are inspired to sing, dance, and act by cartoon illustrations of creatures with spiral and springy legs and music. The crayon designs on the paper have the appearance of being drawn in hasty strokes by kids using few yet vibrant colors. – Austria Cartoons