The 30 Best Albanian Movies of All Time

The 30 Best Albanian Movies of All Time.


Albanian Movies

1. The Albanian Virgin (2021)

Director:  Bujar Alimani

In 1958, in Albania, a boy and a girl grogrew in the same village. They are the best of pals. LUANA is the daughter of a well-respected guy, while AGIM is the son of communist-banned traitors.

Despite these obstacles, the two have maintained their friendship for almost ten years. Luana realizes as a young woman that being a woman is a curse and takes unusual acts to escape her condition as a victim and earn put the authority to decide for herself. – Albanian Movies

2. Sophia (2022)

The 30 Best Albanian Movies of All Time

Director:  Jon Kasbe

The two timelines. two females. One tale. a single name. SOPHIE. A similar story connects the lives of the two Sophies. Sophie Lekja, an Albanian woman, hosted a Yugoslav commander in 1941 while World War II was still in progress at her residence.

Later, she learned that her only son had been murdered by the commander who was staying at her home. In the modern era, Sophie, the Yugoslav commander’s granddaughter, is a young Serbian woman who attends Belgrade to study Albanology.

She decides one day, despite her parents’ wishes, to travel to Albania. Sophie has a major objective; she travels to Albania to carry out her grandfather’s wish and locate Sophie Lekja’s family.

Sophie suddenly runs across a young man from Albania named Arbr, who alters the direction of the journey. Arbri assists Sophie in locating Sophie Lekja’s remains. As their relationship blossoms, Sophie finds it harder to leave Albania. – Albanian Movies

3. A Cup of Coffee and New Shoes On (2022)

The 30 Best Albanian Movies of All Time

Director: Gentian Koçi

Agim and Gezim are identical twin brothers in their thirties who have been deaf-mute since birth. They work and live together in Tirana, Albania, in a bright, spacious apartment. However, as monozygotic twins, they share more than just physical space in one another’s lives; they also have the same genetic makeup.

And in their DNA lurks a ticking time bomb, a rare and incurable inherited illness that will cause both brothers to permanently and utterly lose their sight and hearing. – Albanian Movies

4. Skanderbeg (1953)

Director: Sergei Yutkevich

This is the real-life account of George Kastrioti Skanderbeg, the national hero of the Albanian people, from the time of his birth till his passing. The film opens with how the young Scanderbeg was kidnapped by the Ottoman Turks and trained by them until he became one of the greatest warriors of the Ottoman Empire. He later returned to his country to lead the oppressed Albanians into a fierce and valiant resistance for more than 30 years.

The film is based primarily on the monk writer Marin Barleti. After switching from Islam to Christianity (the faith of the forefathers), he was able to prevent Albania from being invaded by the largest power on earth at the time. Regardless matter where they resided, generations of Albanians have been inspired by his story. – Albanian Movies

5. Cash Only (2015)

The 30 Best Albanian Movies of All Time

Director: Malik Bader

The life story of George Kastrioti Skanderbeg, the Albanian people’s national hero, from the time of his birth until his passing, is presented here.

The movie begins with the story of how the Ottoman Turks abducted young Scanderbeg and raised him into one of the finest soldiers of the Ottoman Empire. Later, he went back to his homeland and led the oppressed Albanians in a 30-year-long, ferocious, and heroic resistance.

The main inspiration for the movie was the monk writer Marin Barleti. He was able to stop Albania from being attacked by the most powerful nation on earth at the time by converting from Islam to Christianity (the faith of the fathers). Generations of Albanians, no matter where they lived. – Albanian Movies

6. 2 Fingers Honey (2019)

The 30 Best Albanian Movies of All Time

Director: Emir Khalilzadeh

The plot concerns a couple who were planning to spend their honeymoon in the Caribbean, but due to an error in ticket purchase, they are forced to roam the streets of southern Albania and face numerous hardships. – Albanian Movies

7. Policë për kokë (2023)

The 30 Best Albanian Movies of All Time

Director: Aldo Marku

A rookie police officer, Xhino has only one goal in mind for his fulfill his dying father’s wishes. Once he first meets his new partner, the notorious detective Maksimilian Murati, his career will take a significant change. – Albanian Movies

8. Light Falls (2019)

Director: Phedon Papamichael

A young couple on vacation investigates an abandoned hotel on a Greek island. An incident and the collision of two worlds ignited a cycle of violence and retaliation. – Albanian Movies

9. Bolero në vilën e pleqve (2022)

The 30 Best Albanian Movies of All Time

Director: Spartak Pecani

A young maid from a son is helped by an elderly couple, but the older daughter doesn’t like the young woman and starts to look into it by disclosing that she is hiding a terrible truth about the elderly family’s intimate life. – Albanian Movies

10. Two Lions Heading to Venice (2021)

The 30 Best Albanian Movies of All Time

Director: Jonid Jorgji

Two Albanian filmmakers are on their way to the Venice Film Festival’s prize ceremony when they meet two adult film business actresses, who disrupt the itinerary of their journey. – Albanian Movies

11. Gjyshja (2019)

Director: Eduart Grishaj

A family’s existence will forever change in a remote mountain village in communist Albania’s north. The inhabitants have changed as a result of patriarchal rules and traditions. Shpresa, who is only 17 years old, suddenly admits she is pregnant as a result of an illicit relationship.

The mother of Shpresa makes every effort to prevent her daughter from giving birth to this child. Unaware of his daughter’s pregnancy, Shpresa’s father, Sokol, seeks Theresa, the village nurse, for assistance because he believes Shpresa is critically ill.

The mother of the girl chooses to abort the kid who would bring the family great dishonor, even at the risk of her own life, to appease the nurse. – Albanian Movies

12. Distant Angels (2017)

The 30 Best Albanian Movies of All Time

Director: Gjergj Xhuvani

The story takes place in Kosovo in March 1999. It is the NATO bombing season. massive ethnically motivated relocation of Albanians. The town of Gjakova, which is on the Albanian border, has been afflicted by terror, anxiety, insecurity, and famine.

This does not rule out the possibility of logically constructed scenarios along the narration, as well as humorous and erotic moments that occasionally avoid the grimness of situations that go against the movie’s central message.

The movie starts with two parallel plotlines that eventually come together and are joined by a single thread, with each line returning to its original destiny at the conclusion. – Albanian Movies

13. A Tale from the Past (1987)

Director: Dhimiter Anagnosti

A marriage is arranged between Gjino, 14, and Marigo, 20, to satisfy the parents’ wants and demands. Gjino reluctantly complies, but Marigo, who loves someone else, employs a variety of cunning strategies to escape this bizarre marriage contract. – Albanian Movies

14. The Sadness of Mrs. Snajdrova (2008)

Director: Eno Milkani

A group of Czech and Albanian students from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague are filming a graduate film in 1961 at a motorcycle factory in Cesky Sternberk, a tiny market town in what was then Czechoslovakia.

He is attracted by the way of life, society, and “erotic exuberance” of the Czech golden youth despite being from a nation that is completely cut off from the rest of Europe and having deep ties to his family there. He is uncertain about his future and falls in love with a married woman who is the wife of a police superintendent. – Albanian Movies

15. Tomka and His Friends (1977)

Director: Xhanfize Keko

The partisans of the town, who are still battling fascism in an Albanian village long after the Italians had submitted to the Allies, covertly accept ex-Italian troops who are eager to fight for their cause. The best teenage friends Tomka, Gzim, Vaska, and Elo—Tomka being the de facto leader among the four—discover such a soldier, Antonio, hidden while playing in a remote, war-torn region of the village.

German military vehicles have recently arrived in town to replace the Italians, and the Nazi soldiers have set up their base in a field where the majority of the town’s kids often play, giving Antonio and the partisans good reason to work covertly.

The kids are furious and decide to play on the street just outside the makeshift gate the Germans have erected as the entrance to the base. This serves as both a functional demonstration to the Nazis that they cannot so easily destroy their lives and a symbolic protest.

From here, Tomka and his comrades covertly plot how they may take back their field. They might have the chance as long as the partisans keep fighting, thinking that every like-minded citizen, regardless of age, has a place in the conflict. – Albanian Movies


16. You Can Call Me John (2017)

Director: Dionis Papadhimitri

A wave of crazy starts when fate brings together these two teens, who come from quite different backgrounds, while they are still in high school. Lorna, the daughter of a very well-known artist who was raised in an opulent setting where she had everything she needed, develops feelings for Goni, a youngster who lives in a suburb of Tirana.

He is a young man who has a lofty ambition to direct movies, but he also needs to work two jobs to support his family. A youthful flirtation that develops into a passionate, risk-taking love is the root of all the family tensions and disagreements in a society that has been completely ruined. – Albanian Movies

17. Rise and Fall of Comrade Zylo (2022)

Director: Fatmir Koçi

The story, which is an adaptation of an Albanian novel and is set in the 1970s under the Soviet Regime, centers on Comrade Zylo, a bureaucrat at the Ministry of Culture.

Comrade Zylo manipulates Demka, an aspiring frustrated author, to produce outstanding speeches and reports on his behalf based on Zylo’s highly impossible beliefs of what is Proletariat Culture and how to bring Culture to the Proletariat to please his superiors and party members. – Albanian Movies

18. Seven Lucky Gods (2014)

Director: Jamil Dehlavi

The unauthorized entry of an Albanian immigrant into the life of a group of seven Londoners has disastrous effects. Unlike the Japanese tale of the Seven Gods of Fortune, where they deliver him something and he changes it forever, they bring him something. – Albanian Movies

19. Alive! (2009)

Director: Artan Minarolli

Koli, who is twenty-two, is a student at the university in Tirana. He goes back to his native mountain village in the north after learning of his father’s passing to attend the burial. Someone fires a shot at him as he strolls across the countryside near his old home.

The young man is shocked to learn that he is involved in a family rivalry that began sixty years earlier and was started by his grandfather.

According to tradition, he visits the family to whom he owes his life. He meets the murderer whose fate has predetermined will commit the crime as a result… Koli is abruptly thrust into a world of antiquated, implacable traditions when he leaves his contemporary metropolitan setting, and he is unable to escape from it even after he returns to Tirana. – Albanian Movies

20. Three Sparks (2023)

Director: Naomi Uman

This three-part video explores the presence of the filmmaker and the position of women in a community where old canonical law is the dominant social code. It is set in rural northern Albania. This three-part film examines rural Albanian traditions and the place of women in society.

The project opens by outlining the filmmaker’s commitment to the nation and an unintentional personal sacrifice that solidified it. The film then transitions into a poetic description of village life and women’s responsibilities in society before wrapping up with a video piece that shows the villagers actively taking part in their portrayal. – Albanian Movies

21. The Unfinished Portrait (2019)

Director: Namik Ajazi

Successful Albanian painter Artur has a show in Italy. The image of a girl titled “Light of Love,” which depicts a forbidden love in communist Albania, is the painting that reviewers have admired the most.

A gifted art student and the Italian diplomat’s daughter battled the government for their love. Artur and Klara finally cross paths in front of the picture, where they are forced to confront their past interactions and feelings for one another. – Albanian Movies

22. Making of Sophia (2023)

Albanian Movies

Director: Eduart Grishaj

A documentary about the making of the movie “Sophia” in which the performers and members of the production team discuss the fascinating artistic production process. Take a deeper look at how “Sophia” was brought to life by the production team behind the scenes, led by director Eduart Grishaj. – Albanian Movies

23. Love: Dashuri (2021)

Director: Dionis Papadhimitri

“Love” depicts the midlife crisis of a 40-year-old guy who has recently divorced his wife and returns to his own country in search of a new beginning and search of himself. – Albanian Movies

24. A Shelter Among the Clouds (2018)

Albanian Movies

Director: Robert Budina

Besnik is a devout Muslim shepherd who is lonely and plagued by unfulfilled love. He looks after the son of a Catholic mother and a once-Communist father in a mountainous Albanian village. Christians and Muslims have managed to live in harmony up here.

The peace of daily life can be kept even after it is learned that the old mosque was once a church and that the structure was once shared by the two religions—thanks to Besnik. However, after his father’s passing, significant changes endanger Besnik’s multireligious household, forcing the shepherd to choose his course. – Albanian Movies

25. Shtate Dite (2016)

Director: Erion Bubullima

Just seven days before her parents’ scheduled visit from Greece, Lana’s fiancee abandons her. Lana makes contact with her ex-boyfriends during this hectic week to discover a potential replacement. – Albanian Movies

26.Mimoza llastica (1973)

Albanian Movies

Director: Xhanfize Keko

Mimoza is a haughty girl who only argues with her friends. However, through experiences and advice, she will change and become friendlier. – Albanian Movies

27. Pallati 176 (1986)

Director:Mevlan Shanaj

A comedy from a renowned Albanian theater. A comedy that is well-known and adored by everyone, performed by the most renowned actors from the Albanian National Theatre. a comedy that only makes you chuckle. Nje komedi nga Teatri Popullor Shqiptar in Albanian. Nn interpretation e aktoreve m t njohur t Teatrit Kombtar, Komedia me e njohur me e dasher pr t Ajith.

The qeshura nje komedi qe siguron vetem.A comedic play about a young couple that wants to confess their love but faces challenges because they live in communist Albania and must adhere to certain norms.

Around the couple, there is a lot of plotting going on for other people, which makes for many uncomfortable comedy moments. The boy’s sluggish, cunning, and “macho” father is the one who sets most of the events in motion, mainly for his gain because he wants to work as a warehouse manager. – Albanian Movies

28. The Last Wish (2014)

Albanian Movies

Director: Namik Ajazi

Senior State Security Officer Mentor Hasa’s life changes dramatically when he goes from being a “spy” to being tapped. His dying wish for his son Martin is for the world to hear his story. – Albanian Movies

29. Zonja nga qyteti (1976)

Director: Piro Milkani

In this comedy, an elderly woman from Albania and her daughter relocate from the city to a village. While she is there, her daughter falls in love, but her mother will do anything to have her married to a man from the city. – Albanian Movies

30. Sex, Përrallë dhe Celular (2015)

Director: Erion Bubullima

A middle-aged children’s book author with wide eyes is unaware that his lovely wife is having an affair with a younger man.

When the adulterous pair are discovered, the author collapses and later awakens in the hospital with amnesia. While the man’s memory loss permits him to restart his life, the writer soon finds himself in danger of also losing his possessions. – Albanian Movies


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